Chastain Will be One to Watch at FNL

Clay Chastain, a 6-3, 192-pound signal caller from Kennesaw (GA) Harrison, is one to watch for the class of 2012. Chastain and his father attended the quarterback camp at the University of Florida last month.

"All the coaches from UF that I have gotten to meet so far have been very nice and I enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet them," Clay Chastain said.

"I got to spend the most time with Coach Loeffler. He made me feel very welcome. There are a lot of great players at UF and I would love the opportunity to be a part of this team in a couple of years.

"I was only on campus for about three hours, but I really enjoyed meeting the coaches. Because of the way they treated me I felt very comfortable around them. Obviously, the Gators have great traditions, and the record speaks for itself.

"I have always loved football, especially college football and the SEC. I have been to some other college towns, but this was my first time to Gainesville. I will tell you the people of Gainesville are crazy about the Gators. It would be a great place to go to college and play football."

Chastain was very impressive moving and throwing the ball and talked about his game from the quarterback position.

"I have been blessed with some athletic ability, I have good size, can run well, but mostly I can throw the football. I work very hard at being a QB and it takes a lot of sacrifice. A lot of the time I go in the afternoons for additional workouts when my friends are going to the pool, playing golf etc. I am working right now on improving my lateral movement and reading defenses."

Chastain will be one to watch at this year's Friday Night Lights.

"The trip was truly amazing. Between all the nice facilities, practice fields, and The Swamp it was unbelievable. They talked about how I need to improve some footwork issues, but at the same time I have two years to get much better. On the positive side they talked about how I had a good arm and had good throwing technique. The fact that I got invited to Friday Night Lights is awesome. I'm very blessed to be performing with some of the top high school football players from across the nation. When I got invited I was very excited, because all the extra time and hard work I am putting into football is finally paying off."

Mr. Chastain weighed in with his thoughts on the trip and much more.

"The camp was well run, the coaches and the staff were terrific! After we checked in, Clay went with Mark Pantoni. Camp had already started when Clay got on the field. After Coach Loeffler saw Clay throw in a drill he came up to him and asked him some questions -- what grade he was going in, etc. Then Coach Loeffler asked Clay to come and throw in The Swamp after camp was over that morning. It was the first time we had been in the stadium, Clay said it was very impressive and it was very cool to have been on the field with Coach Loeffler. Clay threw with some receivers and DB's in The Swamp for about 20 or 30 minutes.

"Coach Loeffler must have seen what he wanted to see because he pulled Clay aside and told him he wanted him to come to Friday Night Lights in July. Coach then took Clay and three other QB's aside and worked with them for about another 20 minutes. After they were done, Coach asked me to come down to the field and, that is when he told me he wanted Clay to at Friday Night Lights in July. Clay feels very honored to be asked, and we will definitely be there. I don't want to put words in Coach Loeffler's mouth, but a couple comments he made to me about Clay was going to be a good one, looked good out there, going to be a big man, moves well for a big guy, needs to work on his foot work"

Chastain has greatly benefited from working with former quarterback Chris Hixson at the Passing Academy.

"He is starting to get a great idea of defense so that he gets the informative pre-snap read so that his anticipation is extremely high," Hixson said of Chastain. " He and I watch film on a very regular basis to help with his check systems with pre- and post-snap reads. He is going to be very good, and it is up to him if he is going to be great. If he keeps up the hard work and understands what it takes to be great with clarity, then I think he has all of the tools to do it."

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