Barnhart Endorses Greg McGarity

Florida Gator Senior Associate Athletic Director Greg McGarity has picked up a huge endorsement to replace Damon Evans as the Athletic Director at Georgia. Florida's highly capable second in command is being touted for the post in Athens by the top college football writer in the southeast, Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Monday, Barnhart offered up a strong and compelling argument for the Bulldogs to bring home one of their own to provide the right kind of leadership for its under performing program. He directed his argument right at University of Georgia President Dr. Michael Adams.

When Dr. Adams was describing the kind of person he wanted as the new athletics director at Georgia, he might as well have been reading off McGarity's resume.

First of all, let's start with competence. McGarity has been at Florida since 1992 as the No. 2 guy behind Jeremy Foley, one of the very best in the business. Florida has been one of the top overall athletic departments in the country for a long time and McGarity has played a big part of that. For 17 consecutive years Florida has finished seventh or better in the Director's Cup, which goes to the nation's best athletic department. This season Florida finished No. 2 behind Stanford.

McGarity is an Athens native who played tennis for Coach Dan Magill at Georgia. He worked in the UGA athletic department in several capacities under Vince Dooley before leaving for Florida. He is as rock solid as they come.

Barnhart took his analysis of the situation a step further when he deflected the two rather weak arguments against hiring McGarity.

Two things should not factor into the decision on whether or not McGarity is the right person to lead Georgia's athletic department: The fact that he's worked at Florida for 19 years and the fact that he once worked for Dooley at Georgia.

Some don't want to hire Florida's No. 2 guy under any circumstances. Others believe that Adams will not hire someone with ties to Dooley given the past conflict between the two men.

Both points of view represent small thinking. This is about competence and finding somebody who will also unify the Georgia people after a difficult time in its history. Greg McGarity is ready. It's time to bring him home.


I agree completely with Tony, particularly the part about McGarity being viewed as a "Dooley guy". Right now, Adams probably needs to reach out to that faction of Georgia die-hards who have been at odds with him in recent years. McGarity is the ideal choice to bridge that chasm.

I sincerely hope that Greg gets this long overdue opportunity. To me it's like wanting Anthony Grant to get the Alabama job or being happy for Dan Mullen that he was the choice at Mississippi State. If you are around someone who has earned your respect and admiration you want good things to happen for him/her.

Billy Donovan doesn't relish competing against "his guys", and I'm sure Jeremy Foley would just as soon not have Keith Tribble at UCF let alone McGarity at Georgia. But sometimes things like that just have to happen.

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