Elite 11 - Scout Awards

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - Three days have passed at the Elite 11 camp in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and while the camp counselors will have their own awards tomorrow after the last day, here's a preview of Scout's award winners.

The counselors at the Elite 11 give out numerous awards after the four day event. Here is a look at how I would vote each award winner* after seeing three practices and thousands of throws.

*awards are based off of last year's awards, some may change for 2010.

Golden Gun Accuracy Award: TBD
This is a point compilation of the target practice sessions that finish every day of camp. Through three days there have been three different winners. Teddy Bridgewater, Archie Bradley, and DaMarcus Smith. This award won't get decided until the very last minute of camp tomorrow.

Best Feet: Everett Golson
Golson is outstanding throwing on the run. Kiehl Frazier is one to consider for this award. In the pocket, I might vote for Frazier, but once the action leaves the pocket, Golson shines. Runner Up: Kiehl Frazier

Most Upside: Jeff Driskel
He's got the size; he's got the howitzer right arm. He kept getting better and better every day. Runner Up: Kiehl Frazier

Best Leader by Example: Kendall Thompson
It's hard to be a leader in a quarterback camp. There's no inspiring the offensive linemen and the receivers, but Kendall Thompson went through Wednesday with a shoulder that appeared to be bothering him. That stands for something when it comes to leadership. Runner Up: J.W. Walsh

Best Leader Vocally: Archie Bradley
It takes a while for the players to come out of their shells while working together, but Bradley is the most vocal on the field. Thompson and Bradley are both Oklahoma commitments, and they both have intangibles that are tough to measure. Runner Up: Adam Pittser

Highest Football IQ: N/A
There are chalk-talk sessions that go on during the four days that help determine this award. If I were to choose just on field vision and reading the defenses during the 7v7s, I might go with a player like Phillip Ely. He's not the biggest out there. He doesn't have the strongest arm out there, but when it comes to 7v7s, he's usually taking up chunks of yardage.

Best in the Classroom: N/A

Most Accuracy: Cody Kessler
Different from the Golden Gun award, this is a subjective decision based on who was hitting the most receivers rather than targets. For me, this was an easy choice. Kessler was easily the most consistent quarterback when it came to throwing the catchable ball. Runner Up: J.W. Walsh

Best Arm: Jeff Driskel
The only decision easier than accuracy was best arm. There was Driskel, then there was everyone else. Runner Up: Kiehl Frazier

Best in any System: Jeff Driskel
If Driskel couldn't run, he'd be an outstanding pocket passer. The fact that he's a 4.6 and change 40 guy, and you're dealing with one of the best athletes on the field. Runner Up: Kiehl Frazier
Quickest Release: DaMarcus Smith
Smith is coming off an ACL injury that took his junior season away from him, but it hasn't hurt his mechanics. He had the cleanest release of the group with no ball drop. Runner Up: Everett Golson.

Most Improved: Archie Bradley
Bradley is a baseball player that likely had to shake off some bad baseball habits to get back into the groove of throwing the football. Each day was a little better for Bradley. Runner Up: Jeff Driskel.

Most Likely to win a BCS Title: Jeff Driskel
It's hard to go against the guy who takes the overall MVP award and is headed to a school with more rings than anyone over the last six years. Runner Up: Kendall Thompson

Overall MVP: Jeff Driskel
MVP Second: Kiehl Frazier
MVP Third: Cody Kessler
MVP Fourth: J.W. Walsh
MVP Fifth: DaMarcus Smith

Scout will have the counselor awards plus photo galleries on Thursday afternoon following the conclusion of the Elite 11. If you have any questions or comments, please visit us at the Scout Recruiting Message Board:

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