A Dozen 'Unbreakable' Single Game Records - 5

Today we bring you the two most unbreakable single game records in Gator Football history. I was there for both of these games and don't mind admitting that I was in awe both times. They are the kind of performances you expect to see once in a lifetime. I certainly don't think anyone will top them, but you never know.

This wraps up the first of three weeks reviewing the top individual performances in UF history. Next week we'll look at the best single season accomplishments and will conclude this series the following week with the best of the best career marks in Orange and Blue.

Before we remember the top two, first let's remember the ten remarkable single game performances that we have already recognized:

No. 12 ---- Carlos Alvarez 15 receptions vs. Miami
No. 11 ---- Chris Perkins 60 yard FG vs. Tulane
No. 10 ---- Bobby Joe Green 82 yard punt vs. Georgia
No. 9 ---- Taylor Jacobs 246 receiving yards vs. UAB
No. 8 ---- Chris Leak 17 straight completions vs. Wyoming
No. 7 ---- Bobby Raymond six FG (twice)
No. 6 ---- Errict Rhett 41 carries vs. Georgia
No. 5 ---- Three interceptions in one game, 5X
No. 4 ---- Rex Grossman 464 passing yards vs. LSU
No. 3 ---- Terry Dean and Doug Johnson 7 TD passes


No. 2 ---- Tim Tebow rushes for five TD vs. South Carolina ---- Florida's sophomore QB was having a tremendous season, even through the Gators took a rather pedestrian 6-3 record to Columbia, South Carolina for a November night game. Steve Spurrier had given Urban Meyer fits in their first two meetings and had a pretty good defense to match up against Florida's golden boy. Err, not so much. Tebow ran and threw for a TD in the first quarter, ran for two more in the second and another in the third. South Carolina kept trying to answer but every time the Gamecocks edged closer Tebow would score again. He added a fifth rushing TD and a second TD pass in the final period and the Gators had a 51-31 win. The five rushing TD and seven combined TD were accompanied by 120 rushing yards and another 304 through the air. It was an amazing performance, and perhaps a Heisman Trophy clinching one. It earned a spot in the record books it's unlikely to relinquish.

No. 1 ---- Emmitt Smith rushes for 316 yards vs. New Mexico ---- The 1989 season was one of the oddest in UF history, but one thing that was clear as that Emmitt Smith was going to become Florida's all-time leading rusher. We just didn't know when. Well, he broke the career mark on an October afternoon against New Mexico, but his overall performance that day overshadowed that amazing accomplishment. The Gators were 5-1, having gotten on a bit of a roll following a devastating opening day loss to Ole Miss. Florida had also overcome, to this point the dismissal of Head Coach Galen Hall. New Mexico was a pretty good team led by QB Jeremy Leach and WR Terrence Mathis, but Emmitt was a one man gang. Smith rolled up 316 yards on 31 carries as the Gators held off the Lobos 27-21. To truly appreciate what a performance this was, realize that 21 years later it is still 92 yards better than the second best since game rushing performance at UF.

So those are my choices for the dozen most unbreakable single game performances at UF. Maybe one or two of them will be bested this season, but I doubt it.

Next week, single season marks that are also likely to be around for a long time.

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