2013 Running Back Impressing Early

Adam Lane is one of the most talked about players in the state of Florida and one to watch over the next few years. Only a rising sophomore from Winter Haven (FL), Lane is a complete running back that is on the radar of many top programs around the country.

FightinGators.com caught up with his mother Mrs. Yolanda Lane and the 2013 superstar after this year's Friday Night Lights.

"We made it there around 4 p.m.," Mrs. Lane said. "My husband, Adam and my nephew made the trip. When we got there, we did our registration and spoke with some coaches - Coach Brian White and Coach Stan Drayton. They were happy to see us and with him running 4.4, the coaches said he will get an offer as soon as they are allowed to offer. It was his second time working at out Florida, and he did really good last month as well. During one of the drills he came over and told me that Coach Meyer was talking to him during one of the drills and it was definitely exciting to him."

"I had fun at the camp," Adam Lane said. "The coaches treated me like we were a big family. I already felt like one of the players at Florida. There was no hostility and everyone had a great time and it was a real good experience for me. I have been there before when my brother was going to camps at Florida."

His older brother is a junior at Rutgers, D.C. Jefferson. Lane talked about what he liked most about the camp.

"The best thing was the drills because they talk to you before you do them and it's real hands on. They want to make sure they know what you are doing before you run the drills."

Lane talked about why he likes the University of Florida.

"The things I like about Florida are they treat you as if you have been a player for 10 years. They are great to get along with and joke around but when they are serious it's time to play. It's just really cool. Everyone that goes to Florida graduates, and they have a bunch of guys that go into the NFL, so those are just a few things I like about the Florida Gators."

For those that haven't seen the 5-8, 190-pound running back with 4.4 speed, he broke down his game.

"I am the kind of running back that is trying to get every yard that I can. I feel I am a pretty balanced running back. I have good breakaway speed but when it's time to come in the hole and run over a guy I do it. I can also catch pretty good."
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