Waisome Nearing a Decision

Nick Waisome is closing in on his decision. The South Lake High School cornerback plans to make his decision in August, but he does admit to be leaning the direction of one school.

He just won't let the school be known.

After visiting Florida State last week, Waisome finished up his summer plans at Friday Night Lights in Gainesville. It is expected to be his last unofficial visit before announcing his decision in August.

"There's nothing else coming up and I don't think I need to take any more unofficial visits," Waisome said. "This is probably my last visit."

With the visits over with, the decision could also be out of the way. The nation's No. 8 cornerback has made all the visits he needs to before announcing the decision. He will now wait and try to announce his decision on ESPNU.

"I know where I'm leaning," Waisome said. "I'm still going to sit down with my parents and talk the decision over with them."

The decision will come down to five schools. Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, Georgia and LSU are the last left standing for the four-star cornerback.

He was able to visit Tallahassee and Gainesville back-to-back for camp, allowing him to compare the two teams who will play a large role in his decision.

"It's two lively campuses," Waisome said. "In Tallahassee, they have a lot of history around their school. With Florida, they're just developing. They're the new booming school right now. They're going to win a lot of games."

The visit to Gainesville allowed Waisome to spend more time with the Florida coaches. Friday Night Lights last year was the camp where the Groveland prospect became a name in the mind of Florida fans.

"I had a really good time talking to all the coaches and developing a stronger relationship with them," Waisome said. "I just wanted to hang around them and keep getting to know their personalities."

The time spent with the Florida coaches came exactly what Waisome wanted. His relationship with the coaching staff is going to play a large role in his decision.

As important as the relationships will be, the way the coaches and players live their lives off the field will be the most important thing.

"I want good coaches and personalities," Waisome said. "I want a good team with a great lifestyle. I just want to see good people around the school. Playing time, for a lot of guys is a big thing. For me, I feel like if I get in a position to start I'll be able to take that starting position."

The relationship between Waisome and Florida cornerbacks coach Teryl Austin needed to come together fast. Former Florida cornerbacks coach Vance Bedford left Gainesville to follow Charlie Strong to Louisville in the offseason. Waisome was close with Bedford, but he has gotten equally as close with Austin.

"I've developed the same relationship with Coach Austin," Waisome said. "I feel like I can talk to him, and I feel comfortable around him. He's a good coach and knows what he's talking about. He can take me to the next level."
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