A Dozen Unbreakable Single Season Records - 1

Last week, we looked at some of the best single game records in UF Football history. This week, we turn our attention to the best single-season accomplishments by Gator players. Choosing just a dozen was not an easy thing to do. As you well know the Gators have had a slew of great players and great performances over the years.

We ended up with mostly recent records, but we were able to dip into the 40's, 60's, 70's and 80's along the way.

We will do this series in six parts, looking at two great season records each day. As always we encourage your feedback and, if warranted criticism.

No. 12 --- 88 receptions by Carlos Alvarez ('69), Chad Jackson ('05) --- Alvarez' record stood for 36 years and frankly I thought it would never be matched. Four guys reached the low-70's, but no one serious challenged the mark until 2005. Chad Jackson reached the 88 catch mark five years ago. It is important to note that Alvarez (15.1) averaged almost five yards more per catch than Jackson (10.2) did, which is remarkable. This mark will be hard for anyone to break because defenses are more and more determined to shut down anyone's prime target. To be fair the only reason Jackson was able to match the mark was that so many were underneath routes that are open more often than not. Another factor that helped Jackson was that his seven receptions against Iowa in the Outback Bowl counted but Alvarez' four catches in the 1969 Gator Bowl didn't. Thus, Jackson averaged 7.3 catches a game to 8.8 for Alvarez. If a future player gets into 14 games it would take 6.3 receptions a game to break the record.

No. 11 --- 27 tackles for loss by Wilber Marshall ('81) --- Wilber came to Gainesville to play tight end and was devastated when Charlie Pell asked him to move to outside linebacker. The request made sense with the Gators already having Chris Faulkner and Mike Mularkey at the position, but it still didn't sit well with the second year player from Titusville. Still, he agreed to give it a shot and he was virtually unblockable from day one. Marshall registered a school record 11 QB sacks in his first season on that side of the ball and backed it up with another 16 tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Several guys have threatened the mark, including Derrick Harvey (25.5) two years ago, but Marshall's standard still holds after almost three decades.

Up next, a ball hawk in the Florida secondary and a deep threat from a quarter century ago.

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