A Dozen Unbreakable Single Season Records - 6

We conclude our look at the best single season records in Florida Football history with a look at the two most unbreakable of them all. These are marks that are so off the charts it's hard to envision them being challenged let alone surpassed.

We can debate the order and the selections along the way, but we cannot debate the impressiveness of these final two entries.

But first let's remember the ten performances that we've already recognized.

No. 12 --- 88 receptions by Carlos Alvarez ('69), Chad Jackson ('05)
No. 11 --- 27 tackles for loss by Wilber Marshall ('81)
No. 10 --- 9 interceptions by Keiwan Ratliff ('03)
No. 9 --- 24.4 yards per reception (20+ min.) by Frankie Neal ('85)
No. 8 --- 68 receptions by a TE, Aaron Hernandez ('09)
No. 7 --- 1,599 rushing yards by Emmitt Smith ('89)
No. 6 --- 660 rush yards and 644 rec. yards by Percy Harvin ('08)
No. 5 --- 39 touchdown passes by Danny Wuerffel ('96)
No. 4 --- 9 straight 300 yard passing games by Rex Grossman ('01)
No. 3 --- 26.7 yards per punt return by Hal Griffin ('47)


No. 2 --- 202 tackles by Sammy Green ('75) ---

Florida had become sort of the "Linebacker-U" of the South in the '70s with standouts Ralph Ortega and Glen Cameron early in the decade and Scott Brantley and David Little in the later years. Right in the middle was Sammy Green. Green teamed with Charlie Williams to give the Gators another terrific tandem of tacklers, but in 1975 no one did it better than Green. Green was credited with 126 solo tackles and 76 assists in just 11 games that season. Nowadays you are the conference defensive player of the week if you make a dozen stops, but Green averaged over 18 tackles a game that year. The Gator defense was superb that year holding opponents to 16 points or less in every game. This should have been an SEC Title team, but for a devastating 10-7 loss to Georgia on the famous (infamous?) end around pass from Richard Appleby to Gene Washington for a 75 yard TD. Brantley (193) got close to the record in 1978 but since then no one has even reached 170 tackles in a season. Remember how great Brandon Spikes was in 2007? He was in on 131 tackles…. In 14 games.

No. 1 --- 23 rushing TD and 32 passing TD by Tim Tebow ('07) ---

When you break the school and SEC single season rushing TD record you figure it will last for a while. But when you do that while becoming the first player in major college history to top 20 rushing TD and 30 passing TD in a single season you might have a mark that lasts forever. It's hard to overstate when a phenomenal accomplishment this was. Tebow actually gained more than 1,000 yards on the ground, though sack yardage lost dropped his "net" to 895. He also passed for more than 3,200 yards in leading the Gator offense to 30 or more points in 11 of 13 games, averaging 42.5. His 32 TD passes is the fourth best single season total at UF and combined with the rushing TD total (23) makes for a combination that can not be beaten. I think the way teams defended Tim in 2009 is a clear indication that a great combo QB will find defenses geared to make him give up the ball or pay a severe price in the future. That's why I view this mark as the most unbreakable single season record in UF history.

So whaddya think?

In a week or so we will look at career records that are out of reach.

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