Frazier Attends Donovan Elite Camp

Tampa Plant super guard Michael Frazier made it to Gainesville Monday and Tuesday for Billy Donovan's Elite Basketball Camp and came away impressed with the Gators.'s No. 8 ranked guard for the class of 2012 has a fairly new offer and the Gator staff has shown a high interest in him as well. Frazier talked to Fightin' Gators about the camp visit.

For Michael Frazier it has been a long summer, one with a lot of work and travel. The AAU and summer basketball circuit can be grinding, but for Frazier it has all been rewarding and a learning experience.

"I can't tell you how long I've been on the road, I lost count," Frazier told Fightin' Gators with a slight giggle. "I got better, I probably rebounded more than I usually do. I was called on more to do that because even though we were big, we needed a rebounding guard."

While he claims to need a little help with his ball handling skills, putting the ball in the basket and getting to the hole are his specialties.

"My shooting and I think I am very coachable," Frazier said of the strong points to his game. "I try and listen to everything the coaches say, and I work hard."

Frazier spent some time in Gainesville on Monday and Tuesday and really liked the experience.

"It went great, I really enjoyed being around the coaching staff and being around players that showed up at the camp, they were really fun."

Frazier bonded on the court with a few of the players that Florida had working at the camp. He got to line up and run against a college team that showed him just how different things are at the collegiate level.

"They played us in five-on-five and we ran up and down with them," Frazier said. "I enjoyed it, that was fun. They were great, fun to be around, and fun to play with. They showed me how it is at the college level, the college speed. It is definitely a whole new level than in high school."

One Gator freshman really stood out in the workouts.

"Patric Young impressed me the most of the new Gators, he is a beast," Frazier said. "He is so big."

Frazier also got to talk to the coaching staff. One thing they would like him to do is be a little more selfish, something he has to grow into.

"They were just talking general stuff about the program and how they would like to have me," Frazier said of the staff. "They told me to embrace the gift I have of shooting. At the camp I try to work on my passing game and get people involved, but they wanted me to shoot a little more. I think that is what they like the most about me. They also liked my work ethic.

The scholarship offer list is over 30 now and Florida offered sometime in the last few weeks. With the crazy summer, Frazier hasn't had much time to reflect on the schools that have offered.

"I don't have a top list of schools," he said. "I am just recuperating from the summer so I haven't had a chance to think about that yet. I am going to try reflecting on it in the next few days and see what my options are."

Some of the prerequisites for the school he will sign with have to do with quality of life in the program.

"They need to have a wining program and a great coaching staff with a winning coach," he said. "I am just looking for a great group of guys top hang around."

He's never been a fan of any program growing up and isn't sure if he will be visiting anywhere else before it is time to take official visits.

"I may take a couple of visits somewhere, maybe or maybe not," he said. "I am just trying to spend some time with my family."

Michael Frazier is a big target for the Florida Gators in the 2012 class. Sharp shooting guards with excellent height (6-4) are hard to come by, especially when they are unselfish, intelligent, and athletic as Frazier.
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