Joyer Getting a Feel for Florida Staff

Hunter Joyer already had the tour of the Florida campus. He already heard about the academics offered from the school. He even heard about the changes to the Florida offense this fall. This trip to Gainesville was for something different.

The fullback wanted to get a sense for how the Florida coaches were on the practice field. He will work with Coach White when he gets to campus, so he spent time around him during the afternoon practice session.

"He brings a lot of energy," Hunter Joyer said. "He's real positive with his players. He really cares about effort. It was their first day out there, so I think he just wanted to see guys going all out and giving everything they had."

The afternoon session also gave Joyer a chance to watch the freshmen class currently on campus in Gainesville. The group has been praised, even called by some as one of the best recruiting classes of all time on paper, and Joyer came away impressed.

"They're athletic," Joyer said. "They've got a lot of five-stars out there, but you can tell they're out working hard."

While Joyer and quarterback Jeff Driskel were two committed players on campus, they focused in on five-star running back Savon Huggins. The nation's sixth-ranked running back was in Gainesville to see the Gators practice and spend time with the Florida coaches.

Joyer's angle to sell Huggins was different than most. If the two both end up in Gainesville, Joyer will be the one who blocks for Huggins.

"We exchanged numbers and everything," Joyer said. "He's a good guy. It's an important relationship (between running back and fullback). He needs my trust that I'm going to do my job and make blocks. That's really important."

The main interest of most people with the Florida program comes in how the offense will look different this fall with John Brantley at quarterback. The Florida coaches are selling recruits on an offense that is more pro-style than when Tim Tebow lined up at quarterback.

That means Joyer will be a key part.

"They had a couple plays where they showed me how they use the fullbacks in different formations," he said.

The changes offer Joyer a large amount of playing time. An increase in under center formations means he will be on the field more often than Florida fullbacks have been in past years.

"It's all different than what they've done in the past," Joyer said. "There are a couple different formations that I haven't seen them run before and a couple different plays. It'll be a lot different than the past couple years."

Joyer also offers a versatile player. He played running back during his first two years before transferring to Tampa Catholic, where he settled into the fullback role.

He still maintains the ability to carry the football if needed. He is also comfortable catching the football, giving the Gators a versatile weapon.

"It's about flexibility," Joyer said. "The offense will able to do different stuff with me in there. The offense isn't locked into doing one thing, but they can do multiple things."
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