Nicholas Law- A Local Celebrity

2011 prospect Nicholas Law is excited about the opportunity to be a "local celebrity by going to MD.

As a high school Senior, Nicholas Law is one of Maryland’s hot local contenders in a spot for their Division One football team. As a Maryland native, Nicholas finds many positive aspects about becoming a Terrapin; not only does Maryland have an impressive football program, but it is also gives him the opportunity to be as he phrased it, a “local celebrity.” He continued his train of thought by stating it would be a great opportunity to be close to his family, as a large portion of his family resides in the Maryland and D.C. area.

With a younger brother, Nicholas feels like a role model, and takes that role with pride. When he plays the game, he plays for the love of the game, and for the respect it brings to his family.

Already having been offered a spot, Maryland is one of Nicholas’ top schools, and seems to be a high contender. While Iowa, Cincinnati, Illinois, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia are also choices, location seems to be a heavy influence on his decision. Only living 20 minutes away from College Park, making his way to the University is not a difficult feat. Last week, he visited the school three times, showing his interest and continual commit; however, when asked whether or not he had an official visit set up, his reply was that with the season and his schedule, it is difficult to find time for any official meeting.

With factoring in the chance of injury, Nicholas is looking into a school for more than just the sports aspect. “If I get hurt, would I like going to that school?” Nicholas pondered. He then continued with, “I would like to go to an elite school with a good location, good coaches and a good family.”

Speaking with the coaches, Nicholas mentioned that they want him to commit as going to Maryland would be a great chance for him. Whether on the starting line or not, he feels confident that he will have a strong role in the team’s success.

As a safety, he is content with Maryland’s leadership in his position. He knows that if chooses to become a Terp for the University of Maryland, College Park, he will be joining a team that brings a strong reputation for success, leadership and dedication.

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