Nuggets from the "Inside"

If you know how we operate here, we don't go for the fluff and the fanfare. We want the stuffing and the hard core information that you can't find anywhere else about your Gator athletic programs. With that said, a new feature is coming to Fightin' Gators and we get it started on a lower scale here on Thursday.

So, step ion in to the insider message boards at Fightin' Gators and see what you are missing with this first offering. On our insider message board, called "The Swamp", Bob Redman Laura McKeeman combined to throw out as many nuggets as they can get their hands on from inside the closed practice fields of the Florida football team.

We are working on a new feature for the site that we can bring to you as often as possible. It will call upon all of us to dig in deep and try and get insight from the inside of the various sporting programs on campus.

Laura and I combined for this shortened version of what you can expect, but rather than wait, we wanted to get this stuff to you as soon as we could. Look for a more comprehensive inside look on the various teams at Florida coming soon. For now, enjoy.

Nuggets from the "Inside"

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