Just Walk Away Renee

That's the message that was given to UF grad and Arkansas radio personality Renee Gork after she made the mistake of wearing a Gator hat to Bobby Petrino's news conference. KAKS Radio fired Gork from her position there after Gork wore the hat and asked Petrino a question. Petrino answered the question from Gork before stating, "That's the last question I answer with that hat on."

Gork's explanation that she just grabbed a hat on her way out the door because it was raining is certainly reasonable. Many people in this line of work accumulate hats of various schools and it certainly stands to reason that a UF graduate would have a Gator hat. But it's definitely a mistake in terms of professionalism. If you have to wear a hat from another school, try one that's far, far away.

Still, dismissal is a gross overreaction by a cheerleader masquerading as a station manager. Dan Storrs' comment to the Associated Press said it all.

"This radio station is Hog Sports Radio. We are very biased. We support the Razorbacks 100 percent."

It would be a tremendous gesture on Petrino's part if he would urge the station to modify its discipline of Gork. A one week suspension seems more in line with the offense than complete dismissal. The station could make its point and you wouldn't be firing someone in a tough economy over a relatively minor and unintentional indiscretion.

In the interest of disclosure I know Renee personally and she worked for me on my radio show in 2001-02. She deserves better.

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