Rooting For Two Guys to Win One Job

Generally speaking, I'm Switzerland when it comes to player battled within the Florida football team. Whoever wins the job wins the job and that's that. However, this year I find myself in a sorta weird predicament. I'm rooting for two guys to earn starting jobs. The problem is they are going after the same job.

Whenever I find myself having a preference on a position battle it's usually based on one of two things. There's a senior who has been biding his time, contributing in other ways and has his last, best chance to become a starter; or a player whose talents have been stifled by injuries over and over again.

That brings us to the battle for the cornerback spot opposite Janoris Jenkins. On one hand you have Moses Jenkins, a senior who has been outstanding on special teams but has gotten little playing time on the defense. In the other hand there's Jeremy Brown, a third-year sophomore who was impressive from day one but has lost two entire seasons to back injuries. Jenkins got a little taste of what Brown's been through when he suffered a concussion in the Kentucky game and missed the rest of the season.

How do you root for one of those guys over the other? I can't, and I'm glad I don't have to make the decision either. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin who doubles as the cornerbacks coach. I asked Austin to compare the two front runners for that job in the Gator secondary.


Austin on Moses Jenkins --- "Moses is a real big, tall fast guy. He brings good length to the cornerback position. As a quarterback you're always concerned about throwing at a guy who has that type of length because you're afraid of him getting the ball."

Austin on Jeremy Brown --- "Jeremy is a really tenacious guy (with a) really quick body, quick twitch. He can run and move."

Austin on the competition --- "Moses and Jeremy are the two guys we're going to choose from to start opposite Janoris. They both have a lot of good things that they do. They have a little different skill sets, but they both can get the job done."


No matter who wins the starting job look for both to play quite a bit this fall. Other than the top three corners, the Gators have nothing but freshmen at the position.

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