Moody Mentoring the Younger Players

Emmanuel Moody has seen his role change throughout his career at Florida. Now during his final season, that role makes one more move. He is now one of the leaders of the Florida offense. He is the player that freshmen come to with questions. Moody is doing his best to build young players up while raising the level of his own game.

"As seniors, you have a role," Emmanuel Moody said. "The role is to be a leader, not a follower. We feel like we have a lot of pressure and burdens on our backs having this many freshmen that have to play this year. We feel like we have a big role to play. We can't depend on the coaches to give the players juice and energy."

The seniors have focused on improving team chemistry throughout the offseason. However, it didn't take much work. The players have heard from the Florida coaches multiple times that the team is overlooked nationally and no one is giving the Gators a chance to have a successful season.

Feeling overlooked has created a tighter bond between the players. Even the new players on campus bought in right away and didn't waste time to produce.

"We have a lot of team chemistry and feel like the team is really meshing together," Moody said. "We have a lot of new players, and the seniors have been trying to get them into the game and help them learn their assignments."

The improvement Moody has seen in his own game began in the offseason. His reputation as a hard runner may grow this season. He worked on lowering his pads at the point of contact, which he expects to make him even tougher to tackle.

That is good news for an offense searching for a player to use in short-yardage situations. Tim Tebow's departure leaves an offense without a clear-cut player to run with the ball when the Gators need a few yards.

However, it could be another quarterback taking some of those carries.

"We had Trey Burton, who is looking real good right now, taking a lot of snaps like Tebow did last year," Moody said. "In goal line situation, we have a great offensive line. It's really their touchdown if the backs make it into the end zone. We put a lot of pressure on the offensive line because they're the ones that score for us."

With Brantley at the helm for the Florida offense, the Florida running backs expect to be a larger part of the passing game. They have spent more time in practice working on route running out of the backfield than they did last year.

"We work all the time on routes out of the backfield now because Brantley is a great passer and goes through his reads," Moody said. "Tebow was a great runner. John is really making sure that we get open on our routes so he can check it to the backs."

The only question about Moody since he came to campus is his health. He has gotten tougher this offseason and learned to fight through the bruises that camp provides.

"The ankle is feeling fine right now," Moody said. "Running backs, we're hurt all the time. You have eleven guys trying to kill you. You have to be mentally tough at the running back position to fight through contact."
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