Greatest Gator Career Records -- 2

We wrap up our summertime stroll through the Gator record book with a dozen of the most impressive and unbreakable marks in school history. I want to remind you that I had to leave off a bunch of records since there were so many impressive ones to choose from and I was committed to keeping the list to a dozen.

Additionally, I limited myself to three Tim Tebow records because there are about 6-10 records of his that could stand for years and years to come.

Here are some of the marks that missed the cut for one reason or another:

Jeff Chandler -- 368 points
Bart Edmiston -- 114 consecutive PATs
John Reaves -- 59 interceptions
Tim Tebow -- 203 passes without an Interception
Chris Doering -- 31 receiving TDs
Aaron Hernandez -- 111 receptions by a TE

That said, let's begin part two of our look at some incredible standards that have been set by Gators over the years.

No. 12 Alex Brown -- 33 QB sacks
No. 11 Eric Wilbur -- 9,900 yards punting


No. 10 Carlos Alvarez -- 2,563 receiving yards ---- Alvarez shattered the school single season record in his sophomore season when he caught passes for 1,329 yards, a mark that stood for 31 years. Despite injuries that plagued his next two seasons, he left UF with a school record and still has it. Oh, there have been guys in position to break the mark; among them Jabar Gaffney (2,375, Reidel Anthony (2,274) and Ike Hilliard (2,214) but each turned pro before his senior season. The Alvarez mark is additionally impressive when you consider he had no freshman season and bowl games didn't count either.

No. 9 Chris Leak -- 11,213 passing yards ---- Most may not realize that Leak has this record, and he has it despite sharing playing time at QB as a freshman and a senior. Leak threw for 2,435 yards as a freshman and topped that number in each of the three succeeding seasons. One reason I think this mark will last is that it's hard to see someone doing it in three years and it's equally hard picturing someone who gets that close and stays for his senior season. It would take almost 3,000 yards a year for four years to take this one away from the Charlotte, North Carolina native.


Two down and four to go in our career record countdown. Coming up next: two very different types of players who ran for a lot of yards in very different ways.

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