Lyons wtih a Productive Visit to Florida

Wayne Lyons killed two birds with one stone when he helped move his sister into her dorm at UF. He did his job as a caring little brother and developed an even stronger relationship with Florida coaches and players.

"It was a really good visit overall. I got to talk to coach Meyer and meet with an academic advisor and get to know some players better too."

The 6-1, 190-pound safety from Ft. Lauderdale was especially excited about his time with coach Meyer.

"Coach and I talked a lot and he said he was really happy to have me back on campus. He said they are going to really need some safeties pretty soon so it is looking good on the depth chart."

It's no secret that Wayne Lyons has a slew of offers but he is looking for the total package on the next level. For this 2011 prospect, total package includes football, academics and the total environment. Lyons watched scrimmage at Florida on Saturday and said he was very impressed.

"The team is looking really good and there is a lot of competition. The way they use their safeties is like my high school so it's a good fit."

As far as academics go, Lyons said the gators are looking pretty good in his eyes.

"I met with the dean of the engineering college and it was really good. He talked to me about all the different types of engineering I could study at Florida. He said they can be really flexible with my football schedule and make it so I can arrange my classes around practice. It's still up in the air but I liked how industrial engineering sounded as a major."

Lyons spent some quality time with a few players while in Gainesville. He said he had a chance to bond with two CB's Moses Jenkins and Cody Riggs.

"I got to kick it with some of the players and they really treated me like I was part of the family. It was really cool."

Four-star Lyons said he hasn't set a particular date to come back to Florida for an official visit and said he will take officials to some out of state schools in the fall.

"I know I will be visiting UCLA and maybe Nebraska. I am very interested in Stanford for academic reasons and also might go to Auburn. I am glad I've been able to make it to Florida so many times though."

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