Greatest Gator Career Records -- 4

We wrap up our summertime stroll through the Gator record book with a dozen of the most impressive and unbreakable marks in school history. Today we begin the second half of our series which features the six most unbreakable marks.

I want to remind you that I had to leave off a bunch of records since there were so many impressive ones to choose from and I limited myself to three Tim Tebow records because there are about 10 records of his that could stand for years and years to come.

That said let's begin part four of our look at some incredible standards that have been set by Gators over the years by reviewing the marks we've already acknowledged.

No. 12 Alex Brown -- 33 QB sacks
No. 11 Eric Wilbur -- 9,900 yards punting
No. 10 Carlos Alvarez -- 2,563 receiving yards
No. 9 Chris Leak -- 11,213 passing yards
No. 8 Errict Rhett -- 4,163 rushing yards
No. 7 Brandon James -- 4,089 return yards

No. 6 Danny Wuerffel -- 114 passing touchdowns ---- I think we can all agree that 35 TD passes would be an incredible season. After all, it's a number that has only been reached twice in Gator history, and both times by Danny Wuerffel. He threw 35 TD passes in 1995 and added to that mark with 38 in his Heisman Trophy winning 1996 campaign. Well if someone were to throw 35 TD passes a year for three years he'd still be nine TD passes shy of Wuerffel's career total. Wuerffel threw five additional TD passes in bowl games that don't count on his career total. It would take a great talent, a wide open passing game and most likely a four year starter to challenge that mark and it's hard to see that happening. Anyone good enough to throw 100 TD passes in three years isn't likely to be around for a fourth.

No. 5 Tim Tebow 2,947 -- rushing yards by a QB ---- The number alone is mind numbing. Florida has had a pretty amazing history of great running backs and Tebow's total trails only five of the best running backs in UF history. He actually gained more than 3,300 yards as a runner but QB sack yardage (413) comes off that total. Eliminate the sack yardage and only Emmitt Smith and Errict Rhett gained more rushing yards.

To get an appreciation for how big that number is note that only four times has a Florida QB run for over 500 yards and Tebow did it three of those times. If that doesn't do it for you try this: The next four guys on the QB career rushing yardage list (Larry Libertore (786), Terry LeCount (655), Jimmy Fisher (582) and Don Gaffney (513) combined trail Tebow by more than 400 yards. It's a staggering number that defies description…. Almost.


We are down to the final four records in our countdown --- Jeez, I feel like Casey Kasem --- coming up next a defensive mark that won't be approached and the second of our three most amazing Tebow records.

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