Greatest Gator Career Records -- 5

We are now down to the four most unbreakable records in Gator history. By now you have probably noticed that part of what makes these career standards "unbreakable" is my belief that anyone good enough to approach these numbers is highly unlikely to play a fourth season of college football.

But even with four years it would be hard for some of these records to be topped. That said let's begin part five of our look at some incredible standards that have been set by Gators over the years by reviewing the marks we've already acknowledged.

No. 12 Alex Brown -- 33 QB sacks
No. 11 Eric Wilbur -- 9,900 yards punting
No. 10 Carlos Alvarez -- 2,563 receiving yards
No. 9 Chris Leak -- 11,213 passing yards
No. 8 Errict Rhett -- 4,163 rushing yards
No. 7 Brandon James -- 4,089 return yards
No. 6 Danny Wuerffel -- 114 passing touchdowns
No. 5 Tim Tebow -- 2,947 rushing yards by a QB


No. 4 David Little -- 475 tackles ---- I don't know if they counted tackles differently back in the 1970s or if it was simply the impact of great nose guards keeping blockers away from linebackers. Either way the tackling numbers for Gator linebackers of that era are remarkable and Little tops the list. Little was an outstanding LB for four seasons in Gainesville, even though he only led the team in tackles once. His 161 tackles in 1980 has only been topped one time in the last thirty years. His career tackle total was just eight better than Scot Brantley who would have put this number into another stratosphere had he not missed most of his senior season. Since Little left UF no Gator LB has come within 100 of his total. In fact the Gators have had only one 100-tackle season in the last six years. Four 115 tackle seasons by one player would still leave him 15 tackles shy of Little.

No. 3 Tim Tebow -- 57 rushing touchdowns ---- Florida's backup QB in 2006, Tebow ran for eight touchdowns in helping the Gators win the BCS National Championship. In his Heisman Trophy winning sophomore campaign, he broke the school and SEC single season record with 23 more. He only added 26 in the next two seasons, but that gave him a career number that should last forever. Emmitt Smith (36) and Errict Rhett (34) had great careers running with the ball and their numbers don't even reside in the same zip code as Tebow. If you add up the four best non-Tebow single season rushing TD totals you get 54, still three short. Just incredible.

All that remains are the last two records in this series. We finish it up with incredible records set by guys who were teammates helping each other (and their teammates) reach unprecedented heights for three seasons.

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