Greatest Gator Career Records -- 6

For the better part of the week we've been looking at, remembering and saluting great career accomplishments in Orange and Blue. We are now down to the two most unbreakable and truly remarkable records in Gator history.

But first let's remember the ten accomplishments we've already listed.

No. 12 Alex Brown -- 33 QB sacks
No. 11 Eric Wilbur -- 9,900 yards punting
No. 10 Carlos Alvarez -- 2,563 receiving yards
No. 9 Chris Leak --11,213 passing yards
No. 8 Errict Rhett -- 4,163 rushing yards
No. 7 Brandon James -- 4,089 return yards
No. 6 Danny Wuerffel -- 114 passing touchdowns
No. 5 Tim Tebow -- 2,947 rushing yards by a QB
No. 4 David Little -- 475 tackles
No. 3 Tim Tebow -- 57 rushing touchdowns


No. 2 Percy Harvin -- 1,852 yards rushing/1,929 receiving ----- There has only been one athlete comparable to Harvin as far as I'm concerned and that's Wes Chandler. Harvin was the most exciting player in college football for three years, two of which included the Gators winning the BCS National Championship. Harvin was a game breaking threat every time he touched the ball. His combined rushing and receiving yards are simply staggering. Harvin's rushing total is almost 1,500 yards better than the next best receiver, Chandler (356). There are two Gator running backs that caught passes for more than 1,000 yards, but Errict Rhett (1,230) and Robert Gillespie (1,091) are hundreds of yards away from Harvin in that category. Another thing that's incredible about Harvin's rushing/receiving combination is his ability to reach the end zone. Harvin ran for 19 TDs and caught 13 TD passes. That's a phenomenal "double-double".

No. 1 Tim Tebow 145 combined passing/rushing TD ---- When you do something that has never been done before you've done something pretty special. Prior to Tim Tebow, no player in major college football history had ever rushed and passed for 50-plus TDs in a career. Tebow shattered the mark by running it in 57 times while throwing 88 TDs to go with it. Of all of Tebow's accomplishments this is probably the most impressive. It shows his ability to keep an offense balanced all by himself, which is no small task. It also shows he was able to overcome defense whether they were geared up to stop him from running or throwing. He broke Herchel Walker's SEC record for rushing TDs (49) and Danny Wuerffel's mark for combined rushing and passing scores (122). When you shatter records held by two of the most honored players in SEC history you have achieved something for the ages.


So there's my list. How'd it match up with yours? Summer is officially over. It's just about game week.

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