Adam Lane Football Diary -- 8/30

Adam Lane is one of the most talked about players in the state of Florida and one to watch over the next few years. Only a rising sophomore from Winter Haven (FL), Lane is a complete running back that is on the radar of many top programs around the country checking in at 5-8, 192-pounds with 4.4 speed.

Adam Lane has great strength, benching 135 pounds 59 times, excellent balance and vision. Each week A-Train will provide with an inside look at his life on and off the field.


My day consisted of me going to church and always putting God first, cut my neighbor's hair and getting ready for school. I was thinking about football practice on Monday but at the same time it's been like this for a month now because Monday is game week and I can't wait to bust some head!!!!!!!!!!!


It was a great day today, it was the first day back to school and I was able to see some old friends and meet my new teachers. It was a little tough because we have to walk so far to class, their rebuilding our school but I was really excited to get back to practice. I knew today was going to be one of the most hype practices we had so far because this is game week and we did have a lot of fun. I ran for three touchdowns in our scrimmage and had a few tackles at linebacker so I can say today was a great day for me overall.


It was a little slow at first because of the rain but it was an ok day. I got allot of work done in class and joked with my teachers. At football practice it was cool and rainy all day but even with that miner set back I can personally say it was a great day and I'm still pumped up because it's two days till our first game of the season.


Today was another wet day at school I didn't have that much work to do. We were in and out of meetings today talking about bullying which is always interesting to me because I always try to help the kids that get bullied and try to encourage them not to pay attention to these people. At practice everyone was ready to hit somebody so coach said no hitting so we scrimmaged allot and had almost a perfect day. Coach Tate was happy and let us get out early. I went home had a shower and dinner and went to Bible study with my girl friend after that it was LIGHTS OUT!!!!


Was a good school day, went to class and staying on top of things and learning as much as I can and carrying around that gallon of water drinking throughout the day. Then it's time to report at 3:15, get dressed out and go to my second job (practice). It was a breeze but exciting, we had walk through to polish up on our plays and we were done at 5:30 so I went to enjoy my seven year old brother's football game, that was fun he plays wide receiver and corner. He happens to be pretty darn good at it. I also have an eleven year old brother who plays tight end and defensive end it's his first year but he's already making some noise. Well headed home now and getting ready for tomorrow's game against Ridge Community. Success is common but it isn't enjoyed by a common man. Quote from Coach Tony Dungy. FIRED UP !!!!!


School was crazy today, everyone knew today was game day. All the students had numbers painted on their faces, posters all made-up they all were screaming my name when I walked the halls, that to me is a excitement in its self. It lets me know that all that work I've put in is paying off, it just makes me ecstatic to have this much support from our student body. So once school was out which is 1:30, the team had to report to the locker room (which is by the way the same facilities that the Cleveland Indians use) at 3:15.

Then we listen to the motivational speaker we pray and have pre game meal, it was like a college football atmosphere, everyone's all hyped and yelling. So by this time I'm putting on my football gear when I get to my right sock I put my lucky lizard in there like I always do before every game. Once we arrive on the field it's game time and on my first carry I cut to the outside, spun off one defender running down the field and Carlos Williams and I hit after about a 6 yard gain and knocked me out of bounds. On my next run, I ran through the two hole spun off four different defenders left to right and gained 15 more yards. On the next play I caught a pass out from the backfield I shook to my right, planted and came back to my left and I left three defenders on the turf and took if for 10 more yards. I should have scored but my lineman doing a great job of blocking, tried to lead block and he hit me instead. I would say my best play of the night was when I went through my hole cut right and spun off of number 32 and broke to the outside and it was just me a Carlos and after about 30 yards he horse collared me and I was down at their three and from there our senior running back takes it for the touchdown. We had holes out of this world to run through this is because we have such an amazing line and without them there will be no running game. These are my highlights of the game, varsity only played 2 full quarters. We finished with a bang and the "W." Peace and may God Bless! Stats : 10 carries for 68 and 30 yards receiving.

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