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And here I thought we had all the questions answered for you guys on the site, so when I asked for questions I was a little surprised to get three pages. That is all good and well, and I'll tackle them here. With all due respect to Brady and his (Ask Ack) column, the subscribers didn't seem to care too much for Holla at Hollywood. Here is the mega version of "Ask Hollywood", preseason style.

I am going to make this a regular thing now and so I really appreciate all the participation we got in version one. I decided to group the questions to give it a little more symmetry, I hope you enjoy.

Q: Now that we are into "regular season mode", do you see a difference in Coach Meyer compared to previous years?

He looks the same, which is a good thing. Always that bit of fear in his face about an upcoming season. The thing that will be better is the amount of time he will spend away from the field will be drastically reduced, especially in terms of special teams. Remember, he had an issue that was treated , something that as long as he takes care of it, it should not be a problem. The guy is 20 pounds heavier than a year ago and looks good right now.

Q: In your opinion, how long do Brantley and most of the starters stay in the game on Saturday, say with a 35 point lead?

This staff tends to leave the starters in there a while, especially early in the season. I expect a blowout, but I think offensively the starters stay in until the fourth quarter unless the score is just brutal.

Q: If JB has to miss significant downs at QB who will be the first guy in? Situational QB's is not my question. Would like to hear if you think Reed would be moved back or if they would turn the keys over to a true freshman?

I do not know the exact answer for this but I would be surprised if anyone but Trey Burton gets the starting keys if Brantley has to be out for a while. I think you would see Jordan Reed also move to QB a little and also see some Tyler Murphy in that situation, but mostly Burton because he played the most over the spring. The offense of course would change drastically if this happened.

Q: Bob, over the past several years we've watched JB develop pretty strong relationships with the the WR's that's he's been practicing with ie. Deonte, JWill, Hammond... DO you see either Burton or Murphy starting to develop these relationships with any of the other Freshmen or gravitating to any in particular? IMO timing between a QB and WR can cover subtle miscues and when added up, can make a difference.

In my opinion, Burton has been all but relegated to a Wildcat style quarterback and will play all over the field utilizing some skills that I believe the coaches are even surprised he has. With that said, I think Murphy needs to start doing what you are saying and then of course Driskell will have to do that next year.

Q: Will we see a jump pass this year and will it be Burton?

I think we will see some wild, wild stuff this year. I think Burton would be the wise choice with the jump pass.

Q: Who do you expect to be the leading rusher and receiver by the end of the year?

I have to go with Demps as the rusher. I keep hearing he has been special this preseason and that he has added some real wiggle to go with all of that speed. I am going to say Andre Debose as the receiver. He is going to be special. I also think Deonte is going to have a very big year.

Q: Moody named co-starter, says he is this THE year he finally lives up to all the lofty expectations when he first transferred?

I picked Moody as my breakout player before the start if fall camp and I am sticking with it. I know i pocked Demps to be the leading rusher, but I think moody will be right up there with him.

Q: Bob, do you think that Moody's transfer from USC to the Gators three years ago helped us with other Cali players coming to UF?

I don't think it had any effect whatsoever.

Q: Do you think Mack Brown sees any significant minutes this season?

Yes. I don't remember a season when the Gators didn't have to use a fourth just always happens. Do I think he starts? No. But i think there will come a time when he will have to carry the ball when the game is still not decided.

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