Brady Ackerman Chat...the Transcript

Brady Ackerman joined our Fightin' Gators subscribers Thursday night in chat for what will be a weekly event. The Florida Gators are set to start off the 2010 season and Brady shares his thoughts and answered questions from chat for nearly an hour. Here is the transcript from our first of what will be a season long series of chat sessions.

If you missed Thursday night's chat, here is the transcript...

Brady Ackerman> OK,  Trey Burton could be a big part of what we do on offense he really is an unselfish player

Brady Ackerman> I think Burton will run, catch and throw a TD this season

Brady Ackerman> Chris Rainey should be returning kicks and keep an eye on Omar Hunter / Dominque Easley as a blocking back because no wedge this year.

Brady Ackerman> I really thing Urban wants to air it out, but Addazio wants to make sure they feed the RB's

Brady Ackerman> John Brantley plays till mid fourth

Brady Ackerman> then maybe Tyler Murphy

Brady Ackerman> Murphy has a lot of work to do but he is athletic and throws a nice ball

Brady Ackerman> If UF were in a tight game and in a pinch then they would go with Burton

Brady Ackerman> look for UF to throw some Ed Zaunbrecher screens.


gcsgator> Brady how much will Ali play

Brady Ackerman> I don't think Alli will be much of a factor this week Debose will be 2nd guy on that side


McDonoughGator> Brady, I hope we aren't gonna run to much option with John Brantley?

Brady Ackerman> I think an occasional keep'em honest option twice a game.


gatorbliss> Brady, who is your breakout player for the offense/defense this year?

Brady Ackerman> Rainey will be explosive on offense but Trey Burton will be valuable new guy

Brady Ackerman> on defense Janoris Jenkins will have a big year and I am still a big fan of Easley at DT


McDonoughGator> Where does Debose fit in??

Brady Ackerman> Debose will play slot but expect him to get a deep throw Saturday for a TD


fish7777> Brady, how well do you envision Moody doing?

Brady Ackerman> Moody is a better fit in this offensive scheme and the good sign is he finished camp healthy


GATORX58> has Edwards earned starting time?

Brady Ackerman> Lorenzo Edwards will be better against Tennessee and Alabama


ufblack> Is Will Hill ready to step and and take his game to the next level?

Brady Ackerman> Will Hill may be one and done.


gatorbliss> Bama wont have their best defensive player and offensive player against Penn State

Brady Ackerman> Marcell Dareus plays defensive end and is a beast.


GatorBASS> Brady, I was led to believe that Rainey was returning punts and Demps will return kickoffs.  Is that true, or is Demps doing both?

Brady Ackerman> Rainey is doing both but Jenkins returns punts and Robert Clark and Jeff Demps return kicks

Brady Ackerman> I think Rainey will return kicks for sure and share time with Janoris Jenkins on punts


gatorca14> Why isn't Debose returning kicks or punts?

Brady Ackerman> Debose is on kickoff return but not a starter


McDonoughGator> Where does Mack Brown fit in?

Brady Ackerman> Mack Brown is terrific he will play on special teams and is number 4 on a deep depth chart

Brady Ackerman> Mack is running back fast and he is built to win


gatorbliss> Brady, by the end of the year, who do you think will be our best DT? Omar or Howard?

Brady Ackerman> Omar the Great, Hunter is ready to have an all SEC season


cbreeze2> just from reports it seems Michael Taylor will be a special player at LB, is he     only a MLB

Brady Ackerman> The MLB and the WLB are interchangeable in this defense

Brady Ackerman> So those guys play both which is why you could see Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins on the field at the same time

Brady Ackerman> This is a very young team guys with a lot of talent they may have to learn a lesson along the way unless they are real mature


fish7777> Azzani seems to be a better coach

Brady Ackerman> Zach Azzani was the right hire for this offense


GATORX58> how's Pridemore doing... any passes to the FB this year?

Brady Ackerman> T.J. Pridemore is a blocker


ufblack> Brady, What is your season record prediction?

Brady Ackerman> I don't want to pick a record. I work for the Gators now so I will see you all in Atlanta.


GATORX58> Patchan and Nixon... who wins when they get healthy?

Brady Ackerman> Nixon for now


royc005> by the end of the season who do you see being the number 1 play maker on offense?

Brady Ackerman> Chris Rainey, but they have plenty.


gcsgator> Brady what about Jordan Reed?

Brady Ackerman> I have my reservations about Reed.


SwampChomp615> Is Austin gonna be more aggressive and creative with his blitzes? I thought Strong was very vanilla and wasted our talent to an extent

Brady Ackerman> Austin has brought the zone blitz and the principles of the 3-4 from the NFL.


GATORX58> who's our best ball hawking DE?

Brady Ackerman> Defense depends on style of offense...vs. Alabama, we are 4-3

Brady Ackerman> Justin Trattou will be our best DE


cbreeze2> I have been impressed with David Young on the OL, he seems to get passed over a lot, does he play a role this year?

Brady Ackerman> I like Young too but they seem to trust Sam Robey, Nick Alajajian, Jon Halapio and Kyle Koehne


tsk123> how much does Sharrif play? tsk123> and any chance we see Reed?

Brady Ackerman> Floyd plays a lot maybe the number two nose guard

Brady Ackerman> I don't think Jordan Reed plays


GATORX58> Gillislee?

Brady Ackerman> Gillislee...good back


cbreeze2> Does Murphy have a huge arm like a tennis player

Brady Ackerman> No, Murphy looks like Jacory Harris but Brantley has the best arm


tsk123> what about Powell do we see him playing

Brady Ackerman> Ronald Powell will start....on special teams

Brady Ackerman> All these frosh play...this is a blowout game barring turnovers.


McDonoughGator> Brady, what happened with him and Easley?

Brady Ackerman> Typical Freshman stuff want to play want to be the guy, gotta show em     some love...they're ok.

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