Pouncey Embarrassed By Performance

Mike Pouncey was embarrassed. His inability to hit John Brantley in the chest with consistent snaps wasn't anything he expected. The sweat-soaked hand he used to snap saw the ball slip a few times, but Pouncey knew there was no one to blame but himself.

"I messed up the snaps and I take full credit for messing up the offense," Michael Pouncey said. "I'm the leader of the offense and I let the guys down."

Pouncey isn't sure what the fix is, but he's going to do his best to find it. He said after Saturday's game that his plan was to be in the Florida football offices Sunday morning to start correcting the issue.

"I pride myself on being great," Pouncey said. "That just killed me. It won't happen again."

The disappointing performance of the Florida offense didn't come as a shock to head coach Urban Meyer. He saw signs in the past few weeks that his team might not come out sharp. The offensive line around Pouncey struggled with four players getting their first start at a new offensive line position.

The players never thought the way Coach Meyer did, thinking there was a chance they would struggle. However, looking back at the past two weeks of practice, Pouncey understands that the team should have been more aware of the signs.

"Now that you look back on it, there's so much stuff we could have done better at in practice," Pouncey said. "I'm glad it happened in this kind of game, but if we do it next week, we aren't going to win the game.

"I'm glad it happened. It sucks because it makes our team look bad."

The scene at halftime wasn't fun. The Gators returned to the locker room in a sense of shock. Twenty-three offensive plays yielded 13 yards, and a sense of frustration grew. The Florida offense didn't know what to do.

"It was bad," Pouncey said. "We were trying to motivate each other. We couldn't get anything going. Part of it was my fault. We couldn't get the offense going with the snaps."

The Gators couldn't maintain the momentum. Whenever they stole it, a turnover or penalty gave it right back to the Miami sideline. Meyer preaches the ability to keep momentum, and the Gators couldn't keep it on their side.

"Once the other team has momentum, it just goes downhill from there," Pouncey said. "When we did get stuff going, we just kept fumbling."
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