Top 13 -- Week 1

This season, the intrepid (and highly questionable) Gainesville staff will be producing a weekly ranking of the top teams in college football. I know it's not any fun to yell at the national polls, but perhaps one closer to home will give you a good opportunity to vent.

In addition to the top 13 teams, we will also acknowledge a "dubious achievement" for the college football weekend.

This week, because there is a huge game on a Monday night we chose to put the Boise State/Virginia Tech winner and loser in their respective slots rather than try to have each person pick the winner and make a mess of everything.

With that, here is the first week of rankings and dubious achievements.


No. 1 --- Alabama
No. 2 --- Ohio State
No. 3 --- Boise St./Virginia Tech winner
No. 4 --- Nebraska
No. 5 --- Texas

No. 6 --- Oklahoma
No. 7 --- TCU
No. 8 --- Oregon
No. 9 --- Florida
No. 10 --- Iowa

No. 11 --- Wisconsin
No. 12 --- Miami
No. 13 --- Boise St./Virginia Tech loser

Dubious Achievement Awards:

The Florida Gator offense. In 30-plus years of covering college football I don't think I've ever seen a "quality" team manage just 25 yards in three quarters of action. Actually, I can't remember a high school team that had just 25 yards that deep into a game.

Redman: USC's defense. In Lane and Monte Kiffin's debut as USC coaches, Hawaii tallied 588 yards and 36 points. The Warriors had 459 passing yards including 190 yards and two touchdowns from back up quarterbacks. The USC defense has about 20 five-star prospects compared to none for the Warriors. Any chance Dillon Baxter can play defense?

McKeeman: Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora. At least Jeff Bower could get his defense to hit a little harder. Fedora will be more of the same old sorry stuff for Southern Miss.

Jones: The yet-to-be-named North Carolina tutor. It was hard to watch the fourth quarter of the Tar Heels' game against LSU and wonder what might have been if they were at full strength.

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