Adam Lane Football Diary -- 9/6

Adam Lane is one of the most talked about players in the state of Florida and one to watch over the next few years. Only a rising sophomore from Winter Haven (FL), Lane is a complete running back that is on the radar of many top programs around the country checking in at 5-8, 192 pounds with 4.4 speed.

The 2013 superstar has great strength benching 135-pounds 59 times, excellent balance and vision. Each week, Adam Lane, the "A-Train", will provide with an inside look at his life on and off the field.


"Today is Monday and it's really hot and we have to walk all around the school because our school is under construction. We're in portables which is a pain because there's no instillation so every time the air go's off the it gets really hot in there but other than that I like being at school with other kids and staff. Now it's time for practice it seemed everyone was kind of anxious to hit someone because Lake Region (our next opponent) has been talking trash and allot of it. We made sure we stayed focused and got a great day of conditioning, good runs throughout the entire practice and executed on the plays. We did well and ended practice on a positive note."


"Tuesday was a very exciting day. There were these girls that were fighting and the sad part was they were fighting over a boy and the boy didn't know what to do. I'm glad I don't get in to trouble because this is a prime example of how easy it is to get in trouble but hard to get out of. So I made a B-Line to class. After getting a full day of learning we headed to football practice. Everybody is all excited to hit because Tuesdays are Oklahoma drills and what football teams don't like Oklahoma drills. I scored every time I went up. Then I lined up as a lineman just to have fun and I pan caked someone, now on defense at LB my only problem is I need to break down to make the tackle because sometimes I find myself running so fast and I miss so that's what I'm working on. Now practice is over, I leave there and go to my brothers practice so that I could help out with the RBs and Lbs. This Is such an awesome way to get community hours, doing what u Love."


"Wednesdays' are slow for me, this is Hump Day and you're prepping for tests and going over allot of work so I use my football mentality to get the ball rolling. I do this with everything I do especially my school work because if I do this I will never fail at anything. My mindset is if I can think it then I can do it. Practice here I come, it's slow but needed. Wednesday we usually go over plays all day. Some of my teammates were dragging around but I stepped up and told the team this is not the time to chill out. We work too hard to lose and if u slack at practice that's what you're going to do in the game and if we do we will be standing by the road cheering as the winners go by so let's get it and lets work hard. It turned out to be a great practice. Practice over, cleaned up, went to church with my girlfriend and enjoyed the word."


"Today is Thursday and boy was it a great day I got to wake up from dreaming about FOOTBALL and it's only one more day till we play our cross town rival game at Lake Region and they're going to have to backup all of that trash talking they did this whole week. When we went to practice it was shorts and shirts everybody went hard the whole day and that made Coach Tate really happy and he said the hard work we did this week will pay off. To Be Continued."


"Yeaaaaah its Friday and we're ready for some football. Everyone at school was saying Adam I want you to score all kinds of touchdowns because we have to win. I was like we are going to bring home the Win. I went to my classes took my test, end of classes and ready to go suit up. I put my iPod in and got in the zone. After pregame meal our Coach sang this Little Light of Mine. He was telling us when it seems like you're in the dark and its going bad don't lose faith because God will always make a light to follow so with all of this motivation in my head I went on the field thinking how I am going to help my team win tonight. I had 4 carries for 80 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. When I was running I told myself just to have fun and with my doing so it brought the best out of me and my team. We ended up with 56 points in the first half so the second half Coach took us out and let 2nd string play. THE SCORE 56 to 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Saturday pretty much consisted of me watching college football and everybody texting me saying good job on the game, eating, sleeping and making sure I get plenty of rest for next week because I'm a little soar and I need the rest. We have a long week ahead of us, we play powerhouse Lakeland Dreadnaughts (baby gators )."

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