Charles Suspended, QBs Impressive & More

Today was the first spring practice for the Florida Gators. There are lots of questions regarding this year's squad and the next few weeks will go along to to finding the answers. Here are some news and notes of practice one, including the suspension of middle linebacker <B>Taurean Charles</B>.

Today, Florida held their first spring practice in shorts and helmets.  The workout consisted of individual drills, offense and defensive pass drills, team drills and special teams with punt protection.  Practice seemed to move very efficiently and smoothly, especially considering the youth and inexperience in personnel.  Here are some notes.

Freshman middle linebacker Tauraen Charles was suspended for violating team rules.

Travis Harris lined up at strong side defensive end behind Darrell Lee.

Jermaine McCollum is now wearing number #26 instead of #15 at corner.

Brian Crum is wearing #13 at outside linebacker.

The starting linebackers today were Todd McCollough, Matt Farrior, and Dwright Jackson.

Nick Brooks and DeShawn Carter were the number one corners.

Keiwan Ratliff lined up as the slot receiver in the three wide set.

Ex-Gators at Practice: Jabar Gaffney, Reche Caldwell, Ian Scott and Mike Nattiel.

Steve Spurrier was not at practice but will be at Pro Timing day tomorrow with Dan Snyder and Coach Noah Brindise.  He is meeting with Rex Grossman and Taylor Jacobs tonight for Dinner.

Practice Impressions:

Ingle Martin was very sharp.  For the most part, he looked very comfortable and threw the ball extremely well.  In Pass Skeleton Drills he was unofficially 9-13 with only one missed throw.  He worked the ball in all areas of the field.  He could not have asked for a better first day.

Gavin Dickey looked very good for his first action.  Unofficially, I had him as 7-11 in skeleton drills.  He really throws the long ball well and the corner route.  He was just a little indecisive on some crossing routes but this factors into his familiarity and decision making process.  He had a good day and shows great promise.

Patrick Dosh was a little behind the other two.  He struggled a bit in his delivery.  He has the most ground to cover in the next 14 practices.  His arm and motion need some work.  He does seem to be very excited about the battle for playing time

Keiwan Ratliff looks more comfortable already at receiver making nice catches over the middle on the crossing routes.

Carlos Perez has recovered nicely and was actually healthier than Zook expected.  Kelvin Kight was solid but as been the case in practices unspectacular.

Dallas Baker shined with a deep catch from Gavin Dickey.  He also impressed me with his ability to come back to the ball on the curl route and use his hands.  This is rare for a big receiver and he is going to be special.

Jemalle Cornelius also impressed on day one with good route running and nice hands on the curl routes.  Kenneth Tookes worked in the slot.

Ben Troupe had some drops but also made some nice catches.

Running backs (Fason, Carthon, Walker and Wynn)  rotated because Willie Green was banged up with a sore knee.  DeShawn Wynn made some nice plays but for the most part it was a QB- WR day offensively.

The defense remained the same scheme wise but the secondary did mix in a lot of man coverage today.  Nick Brooks is impressive and looks very comfortable in the press coverage.

As expected the safeties made the most plays with Guss Scott, Cory Bailey and Jarvis Herring all having nice breakups on pass plays.

Reid Fleming lined up at second team linebacker with Crum and Channing Crowder.  The young guys struggled a little bit at times getting lost in coverage.

The defensive backs worked a lot of one on one coverage in individual drills.  Matt Jackson lined up on the side behind Carter.

Carter had a solid first day as a starter and appears quicker to me.

Daryl Dixon was nicked up but returned to practice only missing a couple of reps.

Lines of Scrimmage:
As is the case when in shorts not a lot to report on the progress.  The offensive line looks very comfortable in the communication and Lance Butler and Mike Degory looked to have added some size.  The defensive line was led by Lee and Bobby McCray while the other guys are very new.  Eric Holcombe is wearing #56, Rod Dowdy #62, Kenny Parker #58, and Todd Bunce #66.  The pads come on Friday.

Ron Zook was very pleased with the offense and it's ability to execute the passing game this quick.  Florida mixed in the gun using the option, bootleg passes and the drop back game.  A lot of one back sets.  Defensively, with the inexperience mistakes will be made.  But on day one the veteran linebackers led by Todd McCollough did a solid job. 

Day One Attention Getters: Ingle Martin, Dallas Baker, Guss Scott, Gavin Dickey, Jemalle Cornelius, DeShawn Wynn, Todd MCollough and Nick Brooks.

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