Scouting: Wilkinson County vs. Natchez

Coach Lance Reed has quietly built the Natchez Bulldogs into a regional threat and a regular playoff contender. The Bulldogs took on their neighbors from Woodville earlier this year and was on hand to see the action.

Devin Fosselman - Wide receiver Wilkinson County: Devin is the straw that stirs the drink on offense. He is the go to guy when things get tight and the offense needs to make a play to extend the drive.

Fosselman is a great route runner and an excellent leaper. No matter the coverage, Devin takes ownership of the ball once it is in the air.

He has some of the best ball skills in the state and his quarterback can have confidence that Fosselman is going to come down with the ball when given the chance.

He has good very good speed and he has the intangibles coaches are looking for on their roster. He makes those around him better and he is fiercely competitive.

James Maiden - OL/DL Wilkinson County: James is one of the more athletic big men in the state. He carries his weight very well and he has the frame to add additional mass without hurting his mobility.

Maiden has matured a good bit over last season. He is much more active on both sides of the ball and his motor continues to run despite playing just about every snap. He played hard well into the fourth quarter even when the outcome of the game had already been determined.

James likes to play defense and I am sure he could work his way into a nice defensive lineman, but with his excellent feet, great hands and arm length he would be an excellent offensive tackle.

Jonathan Scott - OL Wilkinson County: Scott does not have ideal size, but he is a hard nosed, blue collar type of player.

Scott enjoys the competitiveness of interior line play and he takes it very personal when he gets beat. He is a very good run blocker and he uses good pad level to create a crease for his running back to escape though.

Brandon Harton - RB Wilkinson County: Harton does not do any one thing to blow you away, but before you know it he has had a big game by piling up yards on effort.

Harton plays downhill and almost always falls forward after first contact. He does not possess great balance, but he is very determined runner who will get that extra yard on pure determination.

Brian Isaac - Safety Natchez: Brian is one of the best pure tacklers in the state. He does have a tendency to overrun the play looking for the big hit, but he knows where to be and what to do when he gets there.

Brian has great closing speed and is very good in run support. He plays his assignments well in pass coverage and is always there to add some help over the top.

Isaac is a very emotional player, but not in a bad way. He truly loves the game and he makes those around him better. He keeps the defense up and is a leader in both word and deed.

Justin Hamilton - OL/DL Natchez: Justin will likely end up as an offensive guard on the next level. His size appears to be the one thing that is preventing bigger schools from showing serious interest.

Hamilton is a masher who takes pride in beating the man across from him no matter what side of the ball he is lining up on.

Justin has good core strength and good stamina. He rarely leaves the field and he plays hard just about every snap.

Javon Washington - QB Natchez: I am not sure where Javon will end up position wise on the next level, but he is an excellent high school quarterback.

He is very smart in his decisions and he delivers a nice catchable to his receivers. He knows when to tuck it and run and when to give up on a play and avoid a bad situation for the offense.

Washington has good quickness and he is pretty elusive in the open field. He needs to add some bulk, but he could wind up as a receiver or corner on the next level.

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