Scouting Report: Griffin vs. Harris County

HAMILTON, Ga. – This game had the stars and it lived up to the hype for four quarters. All the stars came out to play and you can get the Scouting Report for some of the best in 2011, 2012, and 2013 here in this feature.

Harris County controlled this game, but Griffin found a way to win in the end. Turnovers killed Harris County and Griffin scored on a 95 yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Tigers 14-13.

Many top recruits played in this game and here is how they peformed:

Griffin's Top Prospects

Nile Daniel - WR – 6-0/160 – 2011 – Kentucky Commitment
Scouting Report: Daniel had the game winning touchdown in this game in the fourth quarter when he scored from 95 yards away. He ran away from the opposing corner and the Griffin QB hit him in stride. That was a big play and arguably the play of the game, but Daniel still has plenty of work to do to be ready to play at Kentucky. He has to get a lot stronger, he needs to work on getting separation, and getting off the ball better.

Xzavier Dickson - DE/TE– 6-4/255 – 2011
Scouting Report: When Dickson wants to, he can take a game over. He was in the backfield often in this game, he scored a touchdown on a fake punt that was nullified because of a penalty, and he caught a jump ball for a two point conversion. There is not much Dickson did not do in this game. When he wants to dominate, he can, it is that simple. He had one of the better performances I have seen so far this season.

Corey Moore - S – 6-1/208 – 2011 – Georgia Commitment
Scouting Report: Griffin brought Moore into the box much of the night and it really paid off. He really contained the edge well, he made a number of solo tackles either behind the line or one or two yards across the line, and he was solid is all phases of the game. He really broke down well to make the tackles, he played fast, and he shedded blocks well also. He was not tested much in pass coverage.

Chandler Worthy - CB – 5-8/153 – 2011
Scouting Report: Worthy is a good athlete and he may be on the smaller side, but he can run and cover in the secondary. He made a couple of tackles in run support, but he showed nice change of direction, pretty good speed in coverage, and nice awareness in the secondary. With Moore moved down closer to the ball, Worthy became the leader in the seconadry.

Nhigel Phillips - OL – 6-4/330 – 2013
Scouting Report: This is a big offensive lineman to watch in the coming years. He still has some work to do fundamentally, but he showed a lot of tools coaches like in an OL in this game. Phillips has very good feet and moves well for a guy his size, so that stood out immediately. He plays strong too. He plays tackle for Griffin, but I predict him moving inside when he gets recruited to play on the next level. He needs to keep his weight under control, get in a little better condition, work on his hand placement, and fire off the ball more consistently, but he has a lot of potential. He's only a sophomore and he will be a Division I recruit in 2013.

Harris County Prospects

LaMichael Fanning - DL – 6-7/285 – 2011- Alabama Commitment
Scouting Report: I have seen Fanning play each of the last three years and this was the best he has played in front of me. He played with a little more energy, especially in the first half, and he showed that athleticism that many people can't believe he has with his size. He pursued the ball well at defensive end, he used his size and strength to overpower the offensive linemen in front of him at times, and he lined up in the ‘Wildcat' position and scored the Tigers' touchdown on offense too. He still needs to play with more consistency, he needs to play lower off the ball, and he needs to improve his upper body strength, but this was a very good game for Fanning.

Jordan Jenkins - DE – 6-3/235 – 2012
Scouting Report: What I saw from Jenkins in this game was really what I expected. He is in the running for my top 2012 prospect in Georgia and he played with a lot of energy, a lot of fire, and with a lot of passion in this game. He really fires off the ball as quickly as anyone does and he knows how to come off low and with leverage. He finished with a couple of sacks although one will not count in the stats because of a penalty. He was in the backfield a lot pressuring the quarterback and he had some nice blocks as a tight end on offense. What I like the most about Jordan is his motor. The junior never slows down. Coaches are going to know what they are getting in him in college. He still needs to work on his hands at the point of attack and keeping his head up to identify the ball quicker, but he made plays, he will continues to make plays in high, and then he will make plays on the next level.

James Ellison - DL – 6-1/278 - 2013
Scouting Report: While Fanning and Jenkins get a lot of the publicity right now, Ellison is next in line to get it at Harris County. He needs to work on his strength more than anything, but he is a very quick defensive lineman that can play inside or outside for Coach Parks. He has a very good first step and that helped him disrupt the Griffin offense a handful of times. He can stand up a little too quick at times and he is not where he needs to be in the strength category yet, so as he improves in those areas, he will become a more consistent and dominant force on the DL, but he showed me enough to say he will emerge as a true Division I recruit in the near future.

DiQuan Roberts - CB – 5-11/164 – 2013
Scouting Report: Roberts is an underclassman I have liked for a while and I like a lot of things about him. He is still very raw on the football field, but he made some plays in this game and used his natural ability along with the coaching he has received. He is more of an athlete than a true corner at this stage, but with his size, ball skills, quickness, and athleticism, he could really become one of the top cover corners in Georgia in the coming years. He made very nice breaks on the ball in this game and he closed on the ball with great quickness. He still needs to work on his footwork from turning with the receivers to his back pedal to just his overall balance in coverage, but that will come with reps in time. Roberts is another sophomore in this game I see a lot of potential in.

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