DeSoto vs. RR Stony Point Scouting Report

This past Friday Sooners Illustrated was in attendance to watch Round Rock Stony Point play DeSoto. Not only did the match-up feature two top teams in the state of Texas, but it also featured a couple of Oklahoma commits and multiple 2011 and 2012 prospects.

This game started off with both teams making big plays but as the game wore on Stony Point's defense proved to be too much for DeSoto too handle.

2011 four-star defensive tackle commit Jordan Wade and 2011 three-star linebacker P.L. Lindley played a big hand in helping Stony Points defense take care of business.

Jordan Wade (2011 DT - Stony Point) – Wade looks every bit the 6-foot-4 and 290-pounds that he is listed at. Wade has a big upper body and used his strength to drive offensive lineman into the backfield all night long. His long arms help him to keep offensive lineman off his body. I did notice that he tended to play high at times which I'm sure Coach Shipp will take care of eliminating once he gets too Norman. Wade had a big stop on DeSoto's first drive on a fourth and one when he stuffed the running back in the backfield. Later in the game Wade had a big sack that drove DeSoto back into their territory which they later had to punt on. Wade will need to learn some pass rushing moves at the next level since his strength alone won't get the job done. It was impressive seeing him in the backfield all night by just bull rushing every play. Wade was also seen making tackles down the line where he displayed his speed. Wade appears to be a solid defensive tackle commit but I couldn't help but watch and thin what he could do at offensive tackle if he was to be given a shot. With his long arms and leg drive he could definitely be a prospect to watch on the offensive line as well.

P.L Lindley (2011 LB – Stony Point) – It's hard for me to breakdown Lindley as an all around linebacker since he was in coverage all night long. Lindley covered the slot every single play and was seen running step for step at times with receivers. He is very good in coverage and shut down his man all throughout the game. Lindley is also a player on special teams where he showed his speed throughout the night. In my opinion Lindley looked bigger than his listed 6-foot-2 and 205-pounds. One of the more impressive plays of the night by Lindley was on a kickoff when DeSoto's kick returner fumbled the ball and the other kick returner picked it up and headed for the sidelines. He never made it because Lindley came across the field and made a nice tackle displaying his ball pursuit ability. Lindley showed good range in coverage and good speed. With the offenses OU sees in the Big 12 every week Lindley appears to be a good get to cover from the linebacker position.

Echols is a top CB for 2012...
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Bryson Echols (2012 CB – DeSoto) – Once you start to watch Echols at the cornerback position it's hard not too pay attention to him every play. Echols has great speed and I have heard that he has run a 4.39 forty before. Echols showed good hips when turning and running with the receiver. He has quick feet and just a natural feel for the position in my opinion. Echols had multiple pass breakups and on the plays where the receivers did make a catch on him, which was rare, Echols was right there with the chance to make a play on the ball. On one play Echol's receiver got behind him as the quarterback rolled to his right and threw back to the middle of the field. Echols however showed great closing speed and batted the ball down. This was my second time to watch Echols play this year and in both games he made plays and proved to be one of the better corners in the state of Texas for 2012.

Stephen Williams (2011 ATH – Stony Point) – The last time I saw Williams last year at the Texas State 7v7 tournament and Williams won the tournament MVP. After watching this game I would say Williams was hands down the MVP again. Stony Point does a good job utilizing Williams in their offense. DeSoto had no answer for Williams in the passing game. Williams was sent on a post route from the slot position where he burned the linebacker made the catch and outran the defense for a 36-yard touchdown. Williams had a 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown called back and another 42-yard touchdown catch called back for holding on both. Williams did a good job of turning nothing into a big play. He showed good hands and game breaking speed. Williams finished the night with six-catches for 140-yards and a touchdown and also had two-carries for 17 yards on the night. Williams doesn't claim an offer at the moment but whoever gets his letter of intent is getting an athlete that can change the game in all facets due to his dynamic offensive ability.

Michael Richardson (2012 DE – DeSoto) – Richardson made multiple big plays in this game. He had two sacks in this game and caused a fumble. On one of his sacks Richardson got his hands out quickly into the chest of the offensive tackle, stayed low, and drove the offensive tackle into the backfield where he was able to get his hands on the quarterback for the sack. Richardson has long arms which is a big plus at the defensive end position. What Richardson doesn't have in size he makes up with his arm length, speed and technique. He will need to put on about 25-30 pounds to his listed 6-foot-2 and 215 pound frame and appears to have the room to do it. At this moment in time he looks like a linebacker at the next level who can put his hand on the ground and rush the passer in obvious passing situations. Richardson has a good motor and plays with an attitude. He is definitely a player to watch for the Sooners in 2012.

Curtis Riser (2012 OT – DeSoto) – Riser is enormous and definitely stood out the most across the field from me during the star spangled banner on the DeSoto sideline. Let's just say he already has the look of a division one offensive tackle. Riser did a good job stopping the speed rush on the outside but tended to struggle when the defensive end kept him off his body and was able to rip through into the backfield. When he gets his hands on you, you most likely are not going to get around him. DeSoto's offensive line as a whole struggled to stop Stony Point's defensive line as the game went on. And that may have caused Riser to struggle while trying to help out his other lineman from letting defenders who weren't his assignment into the backfield. All-in-all when I paid attention to Riser he displayed the potential to play the position at the next level and will be one of the better offensive tackle prospects in the state for 2012.

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