Nearing Expecting Offers

Darryl Nearing is a senior leader at Jim Hill High. The popular Nearing is getting interest from college programs on both the senior and junior college level. Darryl believes he has the ability to make a positive contribution on the college level and beyond.

Darryl Nearing profile

"I am hearing from Alcorn, Alabama State and some junior colleges," said Darryl. "There are some other schools waiting on me to get my grades straight."

While no offers have been extended, a pair of programs are talking about the prospect of signing Nearing.

"Alcorn and Alabama State both tell me they are trying to work something out," said Darryl.

Most schools have slapped the athlete label on Nearing and that seems to be just fine with him.

"I feel like I will play a speed position," said Darryl. "I could play wide receiver, corner or be a feature back. I am just going to play wherever they need me, so I can help the team. That's pretty much what I do."

The chance to play football as long as possible is extremely important to Nearing.

"I am looking for a program that can help me get to the next level," said Darryl. "I don't want to just stop at the college level. I want to go pro, to the NFL."

Darryl is considering sports medicine or criminal justice as potential fields of study.

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