Cook Was Watching & Cheering

Friday night watched future Spartan quarterback Connor Cook in action. While we did not get a chance to see four quarters of football, Cook showed enough to see why the Michigan State staff went after him hard.

With plans to be in Spartan Stadium for Saturday's game, Connor Cook ended up watching the game on television after missing two quarters of his game on Friday night suffering some memory loss from hitting his head on a track.

"I had forgotten some of the stuff from the first and second quarters, but then started to remember some things during the third and fourth quarters. Later that night I was remembering more stuff and felt fine, I woke up the next day and my head felt all right but I had a little headache and we felt it would be best to go home to rest and take care of everything with my head and just watch Michigan State whoop up on Wisconsin on TV. It was fun watching the game as it was amazing."

Having been to a couple of games and watching on television, Connor is enjoying being a fan but also watching the finer details of the Spartans.

"I'm watching everything. I am watching the defense, special teams, and the offense. I do watch Kirk Cousins a lot, but I watch the whole game."

By making his verbal pledge early, Connor is starting to feel the relief of making such an early choice.

"It's been a relief since making my commitment back in April and knowing where I'm going to college and having everything all set and done. Being able to watch Michigan State play on TV and going to games and not having to worry about taking visits elsewhere is a huge relief."

During Friday night's game, Cook showed his competitive side when coaches kept him out of action.

"It sucked, I really do not remember if I freaked out about going back in, but one of my friends said I did. I kept talking to all the coaches and do not really recall all of that. But going against LaSalle was something I was looking forward to doing. I had meet their quarterback at a camp and wanted to go out and out play him."

One reason Cook was eager to make an early pledge to the Spartans was the way they play offensive football.

"I've always like Michigan State and liked what they've done on offense. They have always been successful with their offense and how efficient they are. And to have the chance to play in the Big Ten and the coaches at Michigan State all played in my early commitment."

Like most of the Spartan players and recruits, Connor was not sure what to make out of what happened following the Notre Dame game with Coach Mark Dantonio.

"I was pretty sad, one of my friends who was at the Notre Dame game with me sent me a text the next morning that he heard on radio what had happened. So we were not sure until we turned on the radio in the car and heard that Coach Treadwell was going to be coaching the team in his absence. It sucked because they were coming off a big win like that against Notre Dame. But you don't want anything like that to happen to your future coach or anyone."

This week is Michigan Week for the Spartans and while Connor has yet to arrive on campus, he is learning about the Spartans biggest rival.

"I don't think I know the tradition behind the game or how big of a rivalry game it really is. I have heard from many people how big the game is and since I am a Spartan, I hate Michigan and bleed Green. So I'd have to experience it for myself, but I'm starting to feel how big of a rivalry it is."

Connor is set to return to the field this coming weekend and looking to battle against a player he hopes will be one of his future teammates in Doran Grant. Is he keeping on the Ohio defensive back to become a Spartan?

"Yes, for sure. We play St. V who has Doran Grant. I text him yesterday asking if he had watched the game, but he did not respond. I saw on Facebook that he did not get to watch the game because it was not on TV where he was. I am still trying to recruit Doran; he is one of my good friends that I train with in the offseason. I am still trying to get him to be a Spartan, but its Ohio State and everyone gets caught up in the name Ohio State and being from Ohio. But I feel the power shift is starting to happen in the Big Ten with Michigan State being 5-0 and Ohio State struggling against Illinois." will continue to stay in contact with Connor as he finishes his senior season and gets ready to head to East Lansing.

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