Scouting: Lansing Sexton at Muskegon Heights

Lansing Sexton came into Muskegon Heights and without star running back Onaje Miller, remained undefeated. There was a lot of talent on the field though, and we got to see several future Division-1 prospects in action.


  • Willie Snead / Quarterback / Sr. / (5-11, 175)
    Snead currently holds one offer, from Western Michigan, as a wide receiver prospect, but he is one of the state's top high school quarterbacks and there are still a number of teams keeping their eye on him. He is a very good athlete, who simply does not have the size for quarterback in college, but can really throw the ball and run a team. We did not get to see him play receiver on this night obviously, but he always shows a great feel for the game, toughness and elusiveness, three assets that will help him make the transition in college. He does not have blazing straight line speed, but he is a nifty runner who can make people miss. On defense, he had a great game. He finds the ball and is a sure tackler. I could see him possibly projecting to safety as well.

  • Deontae Hudson / Wide Receiver / Sr. / (6-3, 185)
    Hudson is a long, athletic receiver who has a couple of Division 1 offers and may get more. In this game, he was fairly quiet, but did make a couple of nice catches and showed some open field running ability after the catch and on punt returns. Having watched him on tape, I knew he had good elusiveness for a big guy. He has good speed as well and he can stretch the field. He is a good leaper who can go up and get the ball and make adjustments in the air. He is far from finished though. He will sometimes run before securing the catch and he does not always run every route at full speed. These are correctable things that many young receivers must learn. Hudson has tools that cannot be taught and he is a fine athlete who simply needs some polish, but he has great upside.

  • Maurice Day / Running Back / Sr. / (5'8, 170)
    Day is a speedy back with a great burst. He's smaller and compact and runs strong considering his size. He can catch the ball out of the backfield as well. He had a big run for Heights tonight where he showed his burst and open field ability. He also shows some ability at corner. I think he'll earn some late D1 interest here. Will he get an offer? That I don't know, but he is catching some eyes, I know that.

  • Darryl Terrell / Wide Receiver / Sr. / (5'8, 165)
    Terrell had a big play for the Tigers, a dazzling catch and run on a deep corner. He is quicker than he is fast, but he creates great separation and is elusive after the catch. He lacks great measureables, but he's an outstanding football player who will play on Saturdays somewhere.

  • Adam Ross / Linebacker / Sr. / (6'1, 210)
    This is a nice sized kid who has a nose for the football. He made a lot of tackles tonight and emerged as a prospect to monitor.

  • Evan Winston / Defensive End / Jr. / (6'3, 240)
    He showed good ability to get off the ball and get into the backfield. He did not make a ton of tackles, but he had a solid overall game. As I've said before, I think his future will be getting bigger and sliding inside.

  • D'Vonte Dockery / Wide Receiver / Soph. / (6'1, 160)
    Dockery is the next great prospect from the Heights. He is a fine athlete with good hands. He needs to add weight, but he's a name to store for the future.


  • Onaje Miller / Running Back / Sr. / (5'9, 185)
    Michigan State commit sat out the game with an ankle injury.

  • Dominique Hoyle / Running Back / Sr. / (5'11, 195)
    He filled in more than admirably for Miller. He is big, physical and runs very hard. He may not be super fast, but he was able to get outside a couple times. His biggest asset is his ability to take contact, break tackles and keep moving forward. He'll get a lot of looks with what he's been doing so far this year.

  • Damarco Bisbee / Offensive Tackle / Sr. / (6'4, 310)
    He's a big right tackle who did a good job going up against Winston tonight. His future is at guard as he does not quite have the length and feet for tackle. I see him ending up in the 1-AA/D2 ranks and he has a chance to be a contributor at that level.

  • Kyren Kemp / Linebacker / Jr. / (6'1, 220)
    Kemp had a fine game tonight and served notice that he is a junior to watch. He was great on the blitz and showed good closing speed, tracking down some of the Heights' speedy ball carriers a couple times. He's aggressive and a sure tackler. He's looking like a D1 prospect, we just need to see more of him.

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