Anderson Is One Of Ohio's Best

Ryan Anderson is one of the top offensive linemen prospects in Ohio for 2012, and the Kent Roosevelt guard is having a fine season in 2010. Anderson had picked up one scholarship to date, and is hearing from several top BCS programs. Bill Greene spoke to him about his season and recruiting.

Kent Roosevelt junior offensive lineman Ryan Anderson is one of the top prospects for his position in Ohio for the class of 2012. Anderson has had a fine season, even though he was not totally healthy at the start of his junior year.

"I'm playing well and I've done a lot better since my foot healed," Anderson stated. "I'm better than I was last year, and I'm really coming off the ball well and blowing people up. Getting my foot healed was the key for me."

Anderson, 6-foot-4, 312-pounds, is a player that is driven to get better, and he's working hard to be a better player.

"I definitely need to improve my stamina, and to become the physically dominant lineman I want to be, I need to improve my quickness and explosion off the ball," he added. "I was up around 325 or 330-pounds at the end of the summer because I couldn't work out, and that's just too much weight for me. The college coaches like where I'm at right now, but I know I need to be able to come off the ball better."

Speaking of college recruiting, Anderson has now picked up his first offer, from Pittsburgh. The Panther program is one that Anderson has a lot of interest, and he discussed what he likes about them.

"I do have an offer from Pittsburgh, and that is my first one," Anderson explained. "Pitt has always been recruiting me pretty hard, more than any other school. I was there last spring and they seemed real interested, so I went back for camp, and we kept in contact."

"I went there for the FIU game and they really showed me a lot of attention," he continued. "I spoke to the staff after the game and they were great to me. They had mentioned they were going to offer me, and last Wednesday my head coach showed me a text message saying that I had a scholarship offer from Pitt. It's kind of a relief for me to get the first one, and I couldn't be happier that it was Pitt. They are clearly one of my favorites and I will be back there for the West Virginia game."

Anderson is also hearing from several other top programs in the Midwest, and he is hopeful more offers could be headed his way.

"I'm hearing from Ohio State, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame," he stated. "I've been to two Ohio State games, and last weekend I went to Michigan to see their game against Iowa. Ohio State is a place I'm familiar with and I speak to Coach (Jim) Bollman all the time. It's obviously one of my favorite schools, and it's always great being there. I'm hopeful they will be offering at some point down the road, maybe after the season or at a junior day. I'm going back later for the Michigan game."

"Michigan was great and it's the first time I'd ever been there," he continued. "That stadium was awesome and it was really loud. I met with Coach (Bruce) Tall and he knew who I was before he saw my name-tag, and that impressed me. After meeting these coaches, I can tell how dedicated they are to winning. I didn't know what to expect there, but I have to say I was very impressed by what I saw. I'd love to have an offer from them, and we agreed to stay in touch."

Anderson also has a visit scheduled to Notre Dame, and he indicated the Fighting Irish program is one he thinks a lot of.

"I'm going to visit Notre Dame in a few weeks, and I'm looking forward to that," he said. "Notre Dame is a great school academically and that means a lot to me. They have such great tradition and I like everything about them. I think a lot of Brian Kelly and I think he's going to win there. I'm going to see them play against Utah in November, and I'm looking forward to being there on game-day, because I've heard so many great things about Notre Dame from my head coach."

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