Malone Talks Decision

Justin Malone has been hoping the Mississippi State Bulldogs would come through with a scholarship offer. Earlier today that offer came through and Malone pounced on it. Now that his college destination is set, Justin is happy to be a Bulldog and he is looking forward to his next trip to Starkville knowing that next fall he will be on the field rather the stands.

Justin Malone profile

"They told me it was coming a few weeks ago, but I got the offer today and I committed on the spot," said Malone.

Justin has been patiently waiting for his recruiting coach, Mark Hudspeth, to come through with the good word. The talented offensive tackle had already prepared a response.

"Coach Hud asked me if I was ready to be Bulldog and he said they were offering me a full scholarship to attend Mississippi State," said Justin. "As soon as he got done talking I told him I was ready to commit."

Malone's trip to the principal's office to take Coach Hud's call is one he will always remember.

He was able to share the moment with his high school coach, Coach Mack Norwood.

"I was there with Coach Norwood," said Justin. "He told me that he was proud for me and that he thought I made a good decision for myself."

Once the commitment was made, Malone started spreading the good news.

"I told my best friend first because I was at school and then I called my mom and she was very happy about it," said Justin. "She called and spoke with Coach Hud today to get all of the information.

"I am waiting for her to get home from work, so we can celebrate."

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