Graves Adds Second Offer

Garfield Heights junior wide receiver Jeremy Graves is one of the top sleeper prospects in Ohio for the class of 2012, but his exposure from the Raw Talent Sports bus tour has put his name on the radar of college recruiters across the country. Bill Greene has the latest on Graves.

Garfield Heights junior wide receiver Jeremy Graves might not be the most well-known prospect in Ohio, but that is starting to change.

Graves, 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, participated in the Raw Talent Sports bus tour last summer and his name is now pretty familiar to college recruiters across the country. Recently, he added his second scholarship offer and is hoping for more to come.

"I received my second offer this week, from Buffalo," Graves reported. "I was offered earlier by Cincinnati, after being there for camp. I'm also hearing from schools like Tennessee, who sent me a nice hand-written letter last week. I like them a lot and would love to visit there."

"I'm also hearing from North Carolina, USC, Syracuse and Ohio State," he added. "There might be a few more too, because they get in touch with my head coach at my school, and also Mark Harris from Raw Talent Sports. I was at Ohio State's camp and the coaches said I did really well."

Graves took the time to discuss both schools that have offered, and what he knows about both programs.

"Cincinnati is a school I like a lot, and I'm pretty familiar with them," he stated. "I like the new staff and I connected with them at their camp. I don't want to go too far from home, so it's still fairly close for me. I love the spread offense, and the style they play. I like Coach (Butch) Jones a lot, and the staff is very cool."

"I don't know too much about Buffalo really, but I was there for camp," he continued. "They said they were going to recruit me, and would be at one of my games, but I wasn't sure if they would. I haven't talked to them at all, but this week my coach told me they had offered. I'm happy to have an offer from them, and I want to get to know them better."

Although Graves isn't a household name around Ohio, his talent level is impressive, and he is working to become an even better player.

"I didn't put up real big numbers this year at all," Graves informed. "We had a lot of injuries to our quarterbacks, and we used three different ones this year. I'm going to keep working on getting faster and stronger, and I will definitely be back out on the bus tour next summer, trying to keep my name out there."

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