Zeke Pike visits two SEC games

Zeke Pike, National 100 quarterback from Ft. Mitchell-Dixie Heights, Ky., took a couple of unofficial visits this past weekend. He attended two games where all four teams playing have extended scholarship offers to the 2012 recruit. Pike talked of the trips to Knoxville and Tuscaloosa.

"The trip to Tennesse went really good," said Zeke Pike. "It was a lot of fun. They treated me good. They showed me how much they wanted me. It was good to be there and see the atmosphere. It was pretty wild.

"The game was awesome. They were playing against Kentucky. Both teams have offered. You have to see where you fit in. It was a big win for them. They are bowl eligible. It was a real good atmosphere.

"Tennessee has a lot of tradition, and their fans are passionate about football. To be there and see the atmosphere it was pretty wild. It was a good trip, and they have a young team."

The Tennessee coaching staff has Pike as a top priority.

"I visited with everyone," he said. "I talked to coach Dooley before the game. He told me I am the guy they want. He told me to take my time and commit when I am ready. I also spoke to coach Hinshaw and coach Chaney. They said they are excited about me. They said I am the No. 1 guy on their board. It made me feel good to be wanted.

Knoxville affords going away to school, but within an easy driving distance from home where family and friends can watch gameday Saturdays.

"It's a good school," Pike said. "Their program has a lot of tradition. Their fans are loyal. It's only 3.5 hours away. It's a big SEC school that is far enough away from home, but also close enough. It's a great school."

Pike attended the Iron Bowl the previous day in Tuscaloosa.

"It was wild," Pike said of the game. "Both teams have offered, and I had to put myself on both sides. The atmosphere was unreal. I have never been to a game where it's that loud. I know the rivalry has a lot to do with it, but it was a different atmosphere than anything I have ever been to.

"It was just so loud in that stadium you couldn't hear yourself think. I couldn't talk to my dad who was sitting right next to me. Alabama dominated the first half. Auburn faced a lot of adversity, but came back and won the game. I was happy with the outcome. It was big for Auburn. They can go to the SEC Championship and then the National Championship."

Pike spent time with the Tide coaching staff as well.

"I talked to coach Mac and picked his brain to see his feelings towards me," he said. "They have offered some [quarterbacks], but aren't completely sure on those guys. They have truly offered me and excited I made the trip. Coach Saban was excited I was there, but disappointed with the loss. He said he is excited about me and the future.

"I think coach Pendry is a really good guy. He coached against my dad when he was with the Jets. They have known each other. The coaches really made me feel welcomed and want me there. It was special."

The National 100 gunslinger talked about his interest in the Tide.

"Alabama is a great school," Pike said. "They are one of the best programs in the country. Every year they have a solid program and are continuing to build. This season didn't turn out as well as they had hoped, but will still go to a good bowl game. Next year they will try to go back to the National Championship. I definitely like Alabama a lot and will give them a good look."

Pike is playing basketball, but he hopes to visit several schools in the future. He plans to announce a college choice before next season.

"I am going to try to attend a few practices and see schools I haven't visited," he said. "As a quarterback there are about five guys everywhere you go you hear about them. I know all schools try to take a least one quarterback. I want to visit as many schools as I can and learn about them. Hopefully I can narrow it down in February.

"Everyone says I am the guy they want. It's going to be hard to tell schools no. It's a process that has been fun and hopefully narrow it down to 10, and then to one before my senior year."


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