Elite 2012 QBs talk Iron Bowl

Connor Brewer was offered by Alabama on Friday before the Crimson Tide hosted Auburn and Greyson Lambert, Zeke Pike, and Jameis Winston all had offers before then. Each was in Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl and they talk about their experience here.

Four of the top quarterbacks in the country visited Alabama on Friday to see the Crimson Tide host Auburn. This game is one of the biggest in the country each year and all four liked what they saw.

2012 Alabama QB Targets Talk Tide
Connor Brewer – 6-2/185 – Scottsdale, Ari. – Chaparral
Brewer Said: "I met with Nick Saban before the game and he offered me a scholarship. I knew Alabama liked me, but I would say I was a little surprised by the offer. He told me they were offering a select few at quarterback and that I was one of them. He told me he liked how I throw the ball and stuff like that. It was my first time ever at Alabama and it was electrifying. The atmosphere was awesome and I have never been to a game like that before. The Pac 10 is nice too, but I have not seen anything that compares to a full SEC stadium with 100,000 fans in it. I have never seen anything like it. I am really high on Alabama now. They have great facilities, their coaches are first class people, and everything associated with the Alabama program is awesome."
Greyson Lambert – 6-5/186 – Jesup, Ga. – Wayne County
Lambert Said:: "This was my first Iron Bowl and it definitely lived up to the hype. It was a great game, the fans there were nuts, and the best part for me was just taking in the Iron Bowl. It is just a great game and a big-time rivalry. I really focused on the fans, coaches, and players during the game to see how all would react and handle all of the different situations. I got to talk to Coach [Jim] McElwain and Coach [Kirby] Smart and we just kind of caught up on things, talked about the match-up, and things like that. I still have the same type of interest in them as I always have. They have offered me, I feel wanted by them, and I still like them a lot."
Zeke Pike – 6-5/186 – Ft. Mitchell, Ken. – Dixie Heights
Pike Said:: "It was my second time at Alabama, but the first time I was there for a game. I was there for one of the greatest rivalries in college football and I am just happy I got to be part of it. I actually got some love from the Alabama and Auburn fans coming in and then when I went to my seat, the fans were chanting my name, so that was cool. I talked to Coach [Joe] Pendry because he is my recruiting coach, but I also spent some time with Coach [Jim] McElwain, and Coach Saban. All were excited to see me and they said some encouraging things. Coach McElwain told me that if I wanted to commit to them now, they would be happy about it and never look back. That was nice to hear because I have a lot of interest in Alabama. They are Alabama, but they are also play in the SEC and that is just die hard football. I am going to narrow my list down to 10-12 schools in January and Alabama will definitely be part of my list. I could not believe how loud it was at this game. I was at Auburn for the Georgia game and it was up there with that one. Alabama is definitely in the mix."
Jameis Winston – 6-4/190 – Hueytown, Ala. – Hueytown
Winston Said:: "It was rocking for the Auburn game and I loved it. In a game like this, there is not anybody in the stadium that is neutral, either you love Alabama or you love Auburn. It is cool to see because the fans are so into the game and that makes the atmosphere something special. Like always, I got treated very good by everyone there and I had a great time. I got there a little bit late, but I still got to talk to Coach Saban. He talked to me about my season, our playoff loss to Spanish Fort, and he told me he needed me out there on the Scout Team to be Cameron Newton. I thought that was funny. Alabama is still number one on my list. I love how they treat me there, they are close to home, and I love it there."
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