Top underclassmen talk UGA-GT

What did prospects like John Theus, Deion Bonner, Jonathan Taylor, Reuben Foster, and Robert Nkemdiche think about their time in Athens? Find out right here.

Scout caught up with many of the top underclassmen that were in Athens Saturday for one of the most hated rivalries in all of college football.

There were so many prospects in town and over half were underclassmen. Some of the best talk about their experience at Georgia right here:

Jonathan Taylor - 2012 DT - Jenkins County
Taylor Said: "It was really nice over at Georgia Saturday and I thought the atmosphere was great. I talked to Coach [Warren] Belin more than anyone else and he made sure I was having a good time. I got some love from some other coaches too and that was cool. I thought the game was crunk and Georgia is up there with Alabama at the top of my list."

Marqui Hawkins - 2013 WR - Carver-Columbus
Hawkins said: "All I can say is I love Georgia. I love their locker room, how the stadium is set up, the coaches, and I just love it there. I got a lot of attention from the coaches and they were comparing me to A.J. Green. A.J. came over and talked to me some too and that was cool. I loved it when I walked out there on the field and that was probably my favorite part. Georgia is number one for me."

James Deloach - 2012 LB/DE - Jenkins County
Deloach Said: "I went up to Georgia and it was a lot of fun. I felt right at home there, especially when I was down on the field with the coaches. Coach [Warren] Belin talked to me and he told me he would love to have me at Georgia. They have not offered me yet, but they have been showing a lot of attention. I had a good time."

Reuben Foster - 2013 LB - Troup County
Foster Said: "The atmosphere was great and the coaches still showed me a lot of attention, but I had to sit pretty high up this time because of all the recruits there, so that hurt it a little. I did not know so many recruits were going to be there. I could not see as good as I could last time, but the atmosphere was still great. I still like Georgia."

Brad Butler - 2013 QB - Darlington
Butler Said: My visit to Georgia was awesome. I got to talk to Coach [Mike] Bobo and Coach [Stacy] Searels and they were glad to see me. Coach Searels joked around about us beating Trion because he played there and Coach Bobo told me he would be out to see me in the spring. The atmosphere was really good and my interest in Georgia is very high. I have been a fan of theirs for a long time."

Brock Stadnik - 2012 OL - Western Guilford
Stadnik Said: "We arrived late, so I did not get a chance to talk to the head coach, but I got to talk to Coach [Stacy] Searels and he wants me to call him in a week or two. I gave him my highlight tape too. I really had a good time at UGA. The Dawg Walk was an exciting event and that set the tone for the game. I enjoyed talking with Coach Searels and he was excited I was able to make it. He said I am a really good player."

Brice Ramsey - 2013 QB - Camden County
Ramsey Said: "I liked the visit to Georgia a lot. I got to talk to Coach [Mike] Bobo and Coach [Tony] Ball some on the field before the game and they said they were glad I came up. The fan base stood out to me the most."

Adam Griffith - 2012 K - Calhoun
Griffith Said: "I liked the visit to Georgia and it was fun. I didn't really get to talk to any of the coaches, so I am not sure how interested they are in me right now. I liked it there though."

Robert Nkemdiche - 2013 DL - Grayson
Nkemdiche Said: "It was pretty cool there this and I had a lot of fun. I got some love from the coaches when I went into the locker room with the players and the coaches. Coach Richt talked to me there and that was cool. I really like the way Georgia treats me when I go there. I would say my interest in them is medium to high now since I have been there twice. They are starting to move up my list."

Zach Gordon - 2012 TE - Carrollton
Gordon Said: "I loved it over at Georgia and I would love to get an offer from the Dawgs sometime. I liked walking the field, talking to the coaches, and seeing the players out there. I have pretty big interest in Georgia right now, but I am going to keep all of my options open."

Quayvon Hicks - 2012 DL - Pierce County
Hicks Said: "My visit to Georgia was awesome. I got to talk to Coach [Rodney] Garner and Coach [Tony] Ball and both were glad I made it. Coach Ball even told me that Coach [Mark] Richt and Coach [Mike] Bobo were excited to see me there too. I really liked the speech we got from the Academic coach and the Strength coach before the game. I am very interested in Georgia because I know they could help me develop to be a successful young man."

Derious Bennett - 2012 DL - Carver
Bennett Said: "The stadium was going crazy and I liked how the momentum kept going back and forth during the game. The players were excited, the coaches were excited, and I loved being a part of the Bulldog atmosphere. I could see them in my top group.

Jordan Watson - 2012 OL - Whitewater
Watson Said: "It was an awesome time. I went with my dad and cousin. We met with some of my dad's friends early and then headed up to eat lunch with the coaches and other recruits. I ate with Coach [Dave] Van Halanger and we talked about what I need to work on in the weight room to be ready to play at the next level. I talked with Coach [Stacy] Searels a few minutes. He said he was glad to see me there and wanted my latest game tape. I talked with [Rodney] Coach Garner about our playoff run. I got to meet many of the other coaches too. After eating we watched the Dawg walk and then went on the field. I got to meet Jordan Jenkins who I had a hard battle with during the season. That was pretty cool. Coach Searles wanted me to watch how the OL warmed up for the game. It was pretty intense. I had a blast. I would love to play for UGA. It just feel right. And of course it was a great game."

John Theus - 2012 OL - Bolles
Theus Said: "The atmosphere was awesome as usual. It was a huge game for them and even though it was cold, the fans and student section espcially still got into it. The visit wasn't really different than any of the other visits besides the fact that there were so many recruits there and it was neat to see all the guys I know. Oh, and I got to see Samuel L. Jackson on the sidelines. I recieved a lot of love from the coaches and I do feel like a priority for them. As soon as we got into the Tate Student Center my group and I were immediately taken up to Coach [Mark] Richt's office to have a 15 minute conversation with him. One of the cool things about having been there a lot is it seems that I know my way around and I am close with the commitments and some of the players on the team. I also feel close to the coaches because I have been able to speak to them so much. What I like most about UGA is the all around atmosphere and the coaches. Every time I go up there the fans are great and the coaches always make me feel like a priority."

Deion Bonner - 2012 DB - Carver-Columbus
Bonner Said: "Saturday night at Georgia was as live as I have ever seen it. The atmosphere was very intense the fans were very into it. My favorite part was being around the coaches and Mark Richt and just chillin' with them. Georgia is now number one on my list."

More updates will be coming on elite juniors in attendance like Travis Blanks, Keith Marshall, and Jordan Jenkins will come later this week as well.

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