Elite Georgia Junior Has Interest In Mizzou

Elite 2012 defensive prospect has interest in Missouri and talks about his travels to various schools he likes

This talented prospect weighs 225 pounds and has the speed of a safety. He was called to play defensive end for the majority of his junior season in order to help his team, but his natural position is at linebacker. He started at linebacker in one game and had a lights-out performance. He is a great football player who had a tremendous season regardless of where he lined up on the field.

"In 10 games, I had 82 tackles and probably around 10 tackles for a loss," Drew Gibson stated. "I had four sacks, 13 quarterback hurries (pressures), and a tipped ball. This year I played both defensive end positions. In one of our last games the opposing team only ran my way two times. In our last game my coaches played me at middle linebacker. I had 16 tackles in that game.

"My biggest strengths are my strength and speed. I played mostly at strongside (defensive end) this year. I controlled my side of the line. I had a lot of plays in space, and I ran down a lot of skill position players from behind."

One of the top programs currently in the Big 12 has shown Gibson the most attention in-person.

"I've been to games at Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Missouri," he said. "I'm going to UCLA for a game this weekend. Every school I've visited so far has shown a lot of interest in me.

"Missouri seemed to be the most interested at all of the games. Coach (Josh) Henson and (Coach Nick) Otterbacher talked to me quite a bit. Coach Otterbacher gave me a pass to go in the locker room after the game. We've been in touch through email ever since. They will be in this area (Metro-Atlanta) in January.

"They've said they won't start recruiting this class until after the first of the year. I'd be happy to receive an offer from them."

Several months ago this talented linebacker had three schools at the top of his list. He is now wide open.

"I don't have a top three now," he commented. "I'm open to a lot of different schools. I'm not tied down with any particular school. I'm interested in many programs at this point in time."

Gibson is not only open to many programs, he's also open to attending any prospect camp.

"My coach has a lot of one day senior camps for me to go to," he said. "I'm definitely gonna make my rounds. I'll go to Clemson, North Carolina; as many ACC and SEC camps I can go to. I'll probably go to Big Ten and Pac-10 camps as well. I'm not tied down to any geographical area. I wanna go to as many as possible."

The Northgate High School coaching staff will likely play Gibson at his natural position in the 2011 season.

"My coach wanted me to play down this year to take on the big offensive lineman," he commented. "Plus, he said playing with my hand down against bigger guys will help me at linebacker. He said I already have the speed so I'll be ready to play next year.

"I'll play wherever they want me. I'm all about helping the team. I just wanna help our team win."

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