Much to Determine for Bryant

It's two months before signing day and Pickerington North tight end-defensive end Darien Bryant is one of the top prospects in Ohio still on the board. He added two offers recently and has an official visit set for this week.

By this point, many high school seniors who aren't committed are beginning to grow weary of the recruiting process, but Pickerington North's Darien Bryant has a nice reward coming up this week: an official visit to Hawaii.

"I'm leaving Thursday," the 6'4, 215-lb tight end and defensive end said. "It'll be good. I went out there this summer. It was a graduation present for my mom. It will be nice to go out there and see what it's like for a game and also, of course, being able to go there again."

The Warriors are his last planned official visit, with previous officials to West Virginia, Nebraska and North Carolina already completed.

Those are the schools he is expected to choose from, although Wake Forest and Michigan just made the decision a little more complicated by extending offers this week. However, because of his graduation status, there is much to sort out over the next month.

"I had been talking to Michigan a little bit. I had went up for junior day and then had talked to Coach Tall before that. I had some contact, but it wasn't much."

"I'm not sure yet," he said of adding another visit. "It's something I have to talk with my mom about. I'm trying to do early graduation and need to do that, so making a decision is getting close, but we've also had problems with early graduation, so I don't know if that will work. I'm trying to figure it out and recruiting's kind of on the back burner until I figure it out."

Another something that must be figured out is where Bryant will play for the school he chooses. A tight end for much of his career, Bryant's defensive output as a senior has made some schools consider him as a defensive end as well.

"It's kind of split," Bryant explained, "some are for offense, some defense, some as an athlete for both. I haven't developed a preference. Something I've talked to some schools about is playing both sides. One of the schools I've talked to had a tight end that went in for defensive end in pass rush situations. That's something I'm really interested in."

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