Scouting the Citizen's Bank Bowl

PITTSBURG, Kansas -- Navarro was able to knock off Butler 13-12 in front of just over 4,000 fans to earn the distinction of being the top JuCo power in the country. However, both of the teams were loaded up with D1 level talents. breaks down some of the best who played in the game in this feature.

The Citizen's Bank Bowl is now largely considered as the Junior College National Championship and a war played out between Butler County (11-1, Kansas) and Navarro (11-1, Texas) for the prize.

In the end two missed two-point conversions would stymie Butler from a win and it would be the Navarro squad that earned the 13-12 victory and the distinction of being the national champs.

There were at least 30 different universities -- including head coaches like Mike Gundy from Oklahoma State and Les Miles from LSU -- on hand watching all of the elite prospects, so that goes to tell you how many players on the field were high level targets.

It would take a good while and even more film research to break down all of the potential division one players on these two teams, so we tried to narrow the focus to the players who look like they could have the biggest impact at BCS level programs on this given day.

DE Cornellius Carradine, Butler (6'5, 257 – Soph.)
Navarro walked away with the win, but there was not any dispute over who the top dog was and he was lining up on the Butler defense. "Tank" was an absolute man up front. He is able to continuously put pressure on the quarterback and he was making plays all over the field. His athleticism is just scary. He was quick enough and perceptive enough to chase plays down all the way across the field. There was no quit in him. He also did not seem to take kindly to the loss and wanted no part of talking to anyone about it, which says something about his attitude towards the game.

QB Zach Mettenberger, Butler (6'5, 247 – Soph.)
With former JuCo star Cam Newton leading Auburn to the National Championship the fervor is at an all-time high on quarterbacks who have the frame, pedigree and experience under center. Mettenberger falls in to that category. He is a leader with a big arm and the ability to hit throws all over the field. It is not really fair to compare him to any high school throwers, so you do have to hold him to somewhat of a higher standard when scouting him. He struggled a little early on, but found his stride in the second half. Late in the game he was way-layed by a Navarro defender and may have still been a bit woozy when the team took over with 1:16 seconds left, trailing by one. On the first play of the drive he threw an interception that basically ended the game.

Michael Bowie, Navarro (6'5, 320 – Soph.)
This kid looks about what like you would expect to see lining up at the highest level of college ball. He is a force to be reckoned with. He is a player I got to watch coming out of Sand Springs High and it is amazing to see how he has transformed in to such a specimen. He has good feet and can get to blocks on the second level. He also has a nice body with a good reach. He seems to always be the guy that initiates contact first. It is something that they teach in pee wee football, but he does it time and time again.

Toby Jackson, Navarro (6'5, 250 – Soph.)

Jackson will be lining up for a D1 team next season.
We mentioned the hit above and it was Jackson who came off of the edge to deliver the big blow on Mettenberger, but it was not the only time he got in on the action. He was able to get pressure on him all day and his constant presence in the backfield completely kept the Butler offense off balance. With the team trailing by two points Jackson would sack Mettenberger to set up the winning drive. Jackson is a burner off of the edge and his speed rush is hard to handle without quick feet, good hands and good technique and even then he is still sometimes able to slip by.

DT Calvin Barnett, Navarro (6'3, 296 – Fr.)
Barnett looked to be in the best shape of his life and he is still super strong and super explosive. The former Army All-American is right on schedule to become a star in college. He is still committed to Arkansas.

CB D.J. Hayden, Navarro (5'11, 175 – Soph.)
This guy had a great game in front of the college scouts. He shut down his side of the field and pretty much held one of the most talented JuCo wide receivers in check. I would look for his recruitment to pick up.

WR Marcus Kennard, Butler (6'4, 200 – Soph.)
Has great size and a great frame for catching passes in college. He is not super flashy and never got the chance to go up for a deep ball, but he would definitely be a very valuable weapon in college. A possession guy.

RB DePauldrick Garrett, Navarro (5'7, 185 – Soph.)
Garrett does the same thing at Navarro that he did in high school. He makes big plays and is hard to track in the open field. He uses his blockers well and is able to skirt defenders and hide behind the big men as he picks up yards. He was the offensive MVP.

TE Chase Harper, Navarro (6'4, 260 – Soph.)
This guy is a blocking machine. He does not get out on a lot of routes, but the team needed help on the front trying to slow the rush of the "Tank." Then after everyone was sleeping he went over them middle to pick up a huge first down.

DE Cameron Henderson, Navarro (6'5, 255 – Soph.)
He played opposite of Jackson and cause his own disruptions throughout the game. He is also very quick off the ball with a great frame that he has grown in to his two years at the school. A lot of schools would love to have him.

WR Brett Soft, Butler (6'4, 215 – Soph.)
I could not help but like this guy and think he should find a spot on a team somewhere. He has a great frame and moves well. He should definitely be able to help a team in a number of ways, maybe even as a Garrett Mills style H-back.

Others: C Nicholas Johnson, Navarro (6'2, 285 – Soph.); OT Ryan Schraeder, Butler (6'7, 305 – Soph.); DB Chevy Bennett, Navarro (6'1, 185 – Soph.); Jordan Jolly, Navarro (6'3, 180 – Fr.); Tyrrell Miller, Butler (6'3 205, Fr.); Ben Axon, Butler (6'2, 205 – Soph.)

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