Huskers In-Home with Moore

The in-home visits abound, and whether it's a commit or a recruit, the Husker coaches are hitting the road. One of yesterday's stops was in Clearwater, Florida to visit future Husker offensive lineman Tyler Moore. We talked about how that visit went and how things are going for him.

Tyler Moore's team went 13-1 on the year, losing to Plant, the team that beat them in the playoffs last year. But the 12 wins is the most in school history. So, congrats to Moore and his team for taking it to the next level.

Big Red Report: Hey Tyler, have the coaches been in-home to see you yet?

Tyler Moore: Yeah, Coach (Tim) Beck came in last night.

BRR: What do you guys talk about at this point?

TM: It was basically just talking about the playbook, a bit about what they run and some stories about where he's coached. Just talking here and there.

BRR: Nebraska got another offensive lineman just recently. You like that?

TM: Yeah, it was nice to see them get another one after (Dylan) Admire left. So, it was nice to see them get another guy.

BRR: Do you even talk to Beck about playing your first year, or does that even come up?

TM: Yeah, we talked about going through Spring and getting on the field as fast as I can and just about what chance I have to get out there. He says there's a chance, but it's all up to me if that happens.

BRR: But from a size standpoint, you have to feel like you stack up.

TM: Yeah, I have seen all the guys there, and I think I have to be in the top five as far as size goes. And also, after going through Spring ball and training with the team and coaches like Coach Dobson, I'll get even better. So, I think that I would end up stacking up pretty good.

BRR: I imagine for you, you can't wait to get into that weight room.

TM: Yeah, our weight room maybe a twentieth of what they have there. So, it would be nice to work out at that humongous weight room.

BRR: So, you are on pace to get to Lincoln in January

TM: Yeah

BRR: Now that you are done with football and Nebraska is still playing, how much more jacked up does that get you to get going with playing at the next level?

TM: A lot, definitely. Even though they are going to a decent bowl game, I just want to get there. It just gets me more excited to play

BRR: How glad are you that they are going to be out of the Big 12 with all the crap that has gone on this year?

TM: Yeah, I got sick of that stuff. It's going to be nice to be out of there after all that crap and now we are going to be in an even better conference. So yeah, I'm glad they are pissed off at us.


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