A Mother's Perspective: Quan Bray

Tonya Bray is the mother of four-star Quan Bray and she is going through the process with her son. She talked to Scout about the process, the visit to Georgia, and more here.

"First of all, this is very exciting for me," said Tonya Bray. "Georgia came into our home before anyone else did and I was able to ask them questions and just go with the flow. I did not know what to expect, but the Georgia coaches made it easy for me to talk to them, and the in-home went well."

Florida has been into the Bray home and Alabama and Auburn coaches have had coaches stop by Ms. Bray's work. That was unexpected.

"I could not believe coaches were coming to my job to talk with me, answer my questions, and to recruit my son. Luckily, my boss allowed me to have some time with them and with my boss being an Auburn fan, he was real happy when they stopped by."

It has all gone happened so fast for this mother. She has seen her baby grow up to be one of the top football prospects in the country.

Over two dozen schools have offered Quan Bray and Ms. Bray is right there going through the process with her son step for step.

"Sometimes it is a little overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. I want to go through this recruiting process with Quan and experience it with him, so I am taking it all in like he is. It is not going to be all of his decision, my impact will be there too, so I am going to be right there with him."

Where they were over the weekend was Athens, Ga. The University of Georgia had a huge recruiting weekend with a number of their top targets on campus. It was visit one for Ms. Bray and Quan and she liked what she saw.

"This was the first visit, but Georgia laid it out nice and the other visits will have to be pretty good to compare to this one," she said. "I have nothing to compare it to yet, but the hospitality was there, the coaches were like a family, and I really enjoyed it there."

What Ms. Bray was looking for on the trip was to find out how Georgia was in the academic department. She had talked to the coaches before and she has an idea about the UGA football program, but she wants her son to get a good education when he leaves Troup County High School.

"Making sure he would be taken care of academically was on my mind heading into the visit and I really liked what I saw. They have so much technology, they have new technology coming in, and they make sure the football players are taken care of with tutors or mentors. They really make sure their grades are good and they showed me what I needed to see concerning academics."

Outside of learning about the academics, touring the campus, and meeting with the coaches, the recruits and their families got to take in the Gala as well. That is when the seniors are honored at Georgia, awards are given out, and Ms. Bray liked it.

"It is a huge event and I felt that it was a privilege for us to be there. To see all of the awards given out, to see who the Iron Dawg was, and just to be there was great. I got to see who attended all of their classes, how the coaches do such a good job of keeping the kids there on track, and it was more than expected."

Overall, the first official visit for Ms. Bray went well. It looks like Auburn will get them next weekend and Alabama and Florida look to be schools that will get visits in January. Many different things stood out, but the Georgia coaches being real may have been what made the biggest impression on her.

"The staff at Georgia is so down to earth, so real, and just so consistent," said the mother of one of the top seniors football prospects in Georgia. "I enjoyed being in their presence and what they said was something some would think was fake, but it sounded so real to me. They seem like great people and when they tell me Quan is a need for them, I believe that from them."

"They went all out from showing film to academics to what they would to with him if he went there. I can just tell they mean what they say and that means a lot because Quan is my baby and I want to make sure he is being taken care of."

Chad Simmons started out with Scout in 2003 covering top talent in Georgia and other areas in the South. He then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become Southeast Recruiting Manager.
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