Adidas Maximum Exposure Notes - Linemen

The Adidas Maximum Exposure camp at Oakland University on Saturday, featured a nice collection of big men in the sophomore and junior class, who served notice that they were among the top young prospects in Michigan.

The MVPs (as chosen by the camp)
Dakota Perry - DT - Capac (Jr.)
Daron Brown - OT/OG - Detroit Mumford (Jr.)
Darryl Goldsmith - DT/OG - Detroit Cass Tech (Jr.)
Jake Widmer - OT - Detroit Catholic Central (Jr.)
David Dawson - OT - Detroit Cass Tech (Soph.)
Jalen Dandridge - OG/DT - Detroit Crockett (Soph.)

I agreed with each of the MVP selections, but would have added one more, Detroit Cass Tech sophomore defensive tackle Kenton Gibbs. Gibbs is about 6'2, 265-270-lbs, and is very quick and agile. He got around offensive linemen in 1-1s. I'd like to see him get stronger and develop a straight bull rush as well. I saw him during the season and liked his potential then. I stand by that now. He'll be recruited by a lot of schools down the line.

Perry is a guy I really wanted to see. He does not play super competition at Capac, so it was good to see him go against some top offensive linemen here. He looked good in drills. Having played end and tight end in high school, he's light on his feet for a kid who is thick and wide bodied. In one on ones, he had good results. I thought he got better as he went along and got some coaching as well. He's played outside in high school, but he's an interior guy and some of that technique, he hasn't gotten. Once he began to use leverage, he won his share of one on one battles. He still has a lot to learn, but he has good potential and make great strides today.

Another kid I wanted to see was Mumford's massive Brown. He's 6'4-6'5 and over 300-lbs. For a kid that is 315-320, he moves alright. I think he should ideally be 295-300, but he's currently in a basketball season and may drop some of that football weight. He's powerful. When he got his hands on defenders, he more often than not, put them in the ground. He's a high school tackle, but likely a college guard.

Widmer is a college tackle. He did not even start last year, but that should change in the coming season. He's 6'6, 245-lbs and moves pretty well as a kid of that weight should. He needs to add the weight and get stronger, but he did a lot of good things and showed really good potential. If he can add 20-lbs and not lose his quickness, he'll likely see the attention really increase over the spring and summer. He's a bit of an unknown because he hasn't played much yet, but he definitely has some physical tools.

Goldsmith played both ways at the camp as he did all season. He's stout and very strong. He's one of the strongest kids in the state. He's shorter, so opponents have a hard time getting under him and he also plays very hard. If he were a little taller, I think he'd have more than the one offer. As it stands, he may have to prove over the summer that he can play some center. He's either that or a nose tackle.

His line mate, David Dawson was, I think, arguably the most impressive player there. He did well in one on ones, using his long arms and athleticism to lock out defenders. He still needs to get stronger, and at 6'4, I'm hoping he gains an inch or two over the next few years, as he is built and plays like a tackle. Only a sophomore, he has time, and he's already very good. He's one to watch for the future.

Another fine sophomore is Crockett's Dandridge. He's about 6'2, 290-lbs and is another strong kid. He plays offensive tackle in high school, but he's a college guard or defensive tackle. He says he prefers offense, but I think his potential may be greater on defense. However, his results on offense were very good at this camp, as he showed his strength and good technique for a young guy during one on ones.

Some non MVP selections also had good showings. Clarkston sent two linemen and both showed some potential. Sophomore tackle Jesse Chadwell has a nice frame at 6'5, 235-lbs, but needs to add weight and strength. His teammate, junior Lucas Sanders, on the other hand is filled out and strong. He's 6'3, 305-lbs, and is an interior prospect schools should be aware of.

Detroit King had two there as well. Sam Tate is a big kid at 6'5, 290-lbs and as a varsity basketball player, he also shows good coordination. He's raw when it comes to technique though, particularly with his hands, but he has good upside. His teammate, Lance Perry is a massive sophomore guard prospect.

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