Ryan Simmons, Cibolo Steele Are Celebrating

Middle linebacker Ryan Simmons of Cibolo (Steele), Texas, agreed that the Knights made some adjustments Saturday at halftime to their Tampa 2 defensive schemes that went a long way toward winning the Class 5A Division II state championship against a talented Denton Ryan team.

"Yes sir, we did make some adjustments at halftime to both our coverage and some of our blitzes and those adjustments really helped," said Simmons, who speaks in a deep voice appropriate for a middle linebacker.

"Thank you. Thank you. We are doing a little celebrating around here and we will celebrate for awhile. We are going to have a carnival after Malcolm (Brown) and Marquis (Anderson) get back from the Army All-American Game," he added.

Simmons accepted congratulations as he has already been named to the APSE 2010 Texas All-State Team. Simmons had 132 tackles to go with his 151 from last season. He also had five interceptions including the one he had that set up a score in the state championship. He had four fumble recoveries too.

"That is important for us because we take a lot of pride in our defense," said Simmons. "We have been taught well and we are committed to playing hard every single play."

Simmons said he is comfortable in moving on and talking about recruiting now, and it is pretty simple for the 6-1, 218-pounder as he has already visited Wake Forest and will visit the three of his other top four schools in January.

"I have visited Wake Forest and I will visit Oregon, Stanford, and Oklahoma State (Jan. 7) in January," he said of his narrowed down list of four.

"I had a certain thing that I was looking for in a college that I found in those four schools. My dad said not to worry about going to school close to home. This is my decision and it is also my parents decision, but they are okay with me going away for school. I have family all over the country and I have family in the area of all four of those schools.

"Academics is number one. It is the most important thing and I am going to get my education. I have thought about many things (to major in) but I know I want to major in business, I'm just not sure what type of business major."

Simmons said he is not sure when he will commit but that he will take his time and check out his four schools.

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