What is State Getting with McKinney?

Bernardrick McKinney will be the first SEC signee out of Rosa Fort High school since McKinley Scott signed with Mississippi State. Scott is now a first year head coach for the Tunica, Mississippi program and his prized pupil is also headed to Starkville to play for the Bulldogs. McKinney is one of the commitment fans know little about, but make no mistake "B Mc" can play.

Benardrick McKinney got an offer from Mississippi State on Thursday September 16th, 2010. He pledged his allegiance to the Bulldogs before the sun set in the Mississippi delta that Thursday evening.

McKinney accounted for 2,036 yards and 22 touchdowns on offense during the 2010 season.

He also recorded 66 tackles, two sacks, recovered two fumbles and nabbed an interception from his linebacker position.

After seeing him play in person this past week, it is clear McKinney is another under recruited, talented prospect from the Mississippi Delta.

At 6-4, 200 pounds, he draws eyeball comparisons to former Olive Branch standout K.J. Wright.

Bernardrick might actually have better dexterity than Wright had a senior high schooler, but physically they are very similar.

McKinney recorded nine tackles on Saturday, five of them solo in the North/South All-Star game.

He is a very good tackler and is not your typical high school quarterback helping out on defense. He does a very job of not over committing and getting caught up in the wash allowing a cut back lane.

Out in the open field, McKinney does a nice job of breaking down and forcing the runner to make a decision. He does what he is supposed to do to keep outside containment.

He is a sure handed tackler who wraps up making the solid play rather than playing reckless looking for a highlight reel tackle.

Bernardrick does a good job diagnosing the play and that may be because of his extensive time in the offensive huddle himself.

On one play Saturday, the south offense stacked three receivers to the left and then tried to float a running back out in the flat outside of McKinney.

Bernadrick read pass and covered up the back forcing the quarterback to eat the ball and pick up a minimal gain.

McKinney will not credit for that tackle, but he is the defender who made the play happen.

While his offer list may not reflect it, McKinney is one of the more gifted defensive players in the state.

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