Decision Day For Doran Grant

One of the top defensive backs in America, Doran Grant, will be making his college choice at the Under Armour game, this coming Wednesday. Grant has said he is now down to two schools, with Ohio State or MIchigan State being the eventual choice. Who has the edge in this Big Ten battle? Bill Greene takes a look.

Either Ohio State or Michigan State will be very happy this coming Wednesday, because five-star defensive back Doran Grant will choose between those schools at the Under Armour game. Grant, one of the top cornerbacks in the country, explains his thought process on his recruitment, and his performance to date at the Under Armour event.

" I think I did alright today, even though I have started off kind of slowly," Grant stated."I had to get loose and get back into playing football again, because I've been playing basketball. Once I got back into it again I felt like I was out there doing my thing. I needed to switch from a basketball mentality to a football mentality, and I was kind of on vacation at the start, being here in Florida and all, but once the contact started, I was good."

He also gave some insight as to why he would leave his basketball team for a week, to show his talents against the best high school football players in the world.

"I'm here to have fun, but I also want to get better as a player, not take a step back," he said. "I also want to be able to compete at the highest level of talent. This is the best talent in the country, and it's a small preview of what it will be like at the next level. This is what I'm looking for, in terms of getting myself ready for college football, and I will be playing against these guys some day."

Grant discussed when he will be making his announcement, but offered no hint as to which school he might be leaning toward. He has held offers from both Michigan State and Ohio State since the beginning of the recruiting process.

"I will be making my announcement during the game on Wednesday, but I don't know when that will happen," he explained. "I'm down to two schools and I love them both. I'm still praying about it, and I'm just going to pick the best school for me, not anyone else. I really be 100% sure, because I'm the one that has to live there in the end, not my mom or my dad. I'm going to probably shock the world with my choice, because people think they know if I'm going to Ohio State or Michigan State, but nobody knows."

Even though a large number of top prospects grow to despise the recruiting process, that was certainly not the case with Grant, who enjoyed the people he has met throughout this journey.

"I've really enjoyed the recruiting process and I never let it get to me like some players have in the past," Grant noted. "I've enjoyed meeting all the coaches, but it's time to be through with recruiting, and I need to step up and be a man, and get this done. It has been a long process, but I think I've done things the right way, but I knew I couldn't please everyone, so I tried to focus on where I truly want to spend the next four years, not where people want me to go."

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