USAAAB: Lyerla Ready to Pop

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Lyerla has been one of the enigmatic figures in the recruiting world and he just gave the low down on his top three and that he is all set to make his decision this weekend.

There is no doubt that the 6-foot-5, 230-pound Colt Lyerla is one of the more impressive physical specimens in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. He could play a number of positions on the next level.

As a matter of fact he says that he feels the most comfortable running the ball out of the backfield, the position he has played in high school, but because of his height and intangibles he could wind up being a DE, OLB or TE in college, but he is playing OLB this week for the first time.

"Pretty much all of the schools are recruiting me as an athlete," Lyerla informed.

Lyerla has not been one of the more active guys on the recruiting sites throughout his recruitment, so there has been some intrigue surrounding his status, but today he set the record straight on his final three.

"I am down to about three. Oregon, USC and Cal," Lyerla stated about his final favorites list.

USC- "I like the coaches down there a lot, the tradition and the opportunity to play."

Oregon- "The facilities, the coaches, the gear. They are doing everything right now and they are playing in the national championship.

Cal- "You got respect the academics and I got a good opportunity to play early there too."

Lyerla is also on the precipice of making his final decision, as he will be doing it on national television.

"I am going to commit on Saturday," stated Lyerla. "I twas hard, but I felt like I took my time and I am sure that it was want to do."

The big day is coming and he is thankful for all of the opportunity that has bestowed upon him.

"It pretty much started with the Schuman's combine I broke some records over there and one thing led to another," Lyerla informed. "We won our State Championship my junior year and made it to the quarterfinals this year and now I am getting the opportunity to play in the U.S. Army game."

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