UA Practice Day Three Blog Recap was on hand at the third day of practice at the UnderArmour Game in Orlando, and here is the Live Action Blog recap...

10:41 - From Higdon- During ko return savon huggins really had tough time catching ball cleanly
10:41 - From Higdon- I really like Frazier and Driskel when its designed roll out with that run/pass option-puts so much pressure on the linebackers
10:42 - From Higdon- Crowell showing real good hands. Part of his game that's very underrated. Driskel to Blackmon. Great catch by Blackmon on the sidelines--
10:43 - From Higdon- Huggins again trouble holding onto the ball in the flats with a drop. I really like the way Story catches the ball away from his body-when he learns the position could be scary good with his size and speed
10:44 - From Higdon- Mix up in the backfield with Frazier/Crowell-that was on the QB. Christian Westerman and Marcus Jackson are both nasty road grader type OG's. I really like those two.
10:44 - From Higdon- AC Leonard is a physical presence-very thick base. Gets off the line extremely quick. Clowney blew up huggins in backfield-so fast off the snap
10:45 - From Higdon- Clowney with great pressure forces int. Savon Huggins real quick through the lOS nice run---
10:50 - Also if interested in the US Army Bowl practices, Greg Powers is covering it...
10:56 - Story really coming on strong catching the ball-i like the way he extends his arms and goes and gets it. Fulse has showed real nice hands this week when I've been watching--
11:05 - Braxton Miller is zipping it right now. Has thrown three straight darts...
11:19 - From Higdon- Robenson Therezie had nice break on ball should have had pick---
11:20 - From Mike Bakas- Jeff d long td to eli. Another Jeff to Eli td. Diggs picks off driskell
11:25 - From Bakas- Eli Rogers has been the most consistent and best route runner for the red team
11:26 - From Andrew Bone- Mike Thomas has a tough time getting off the ball but has made three catches in a row
11:26 - From Chad Simmons- Eli Rogers and Brandon Fulse are having great practices today. Both are catching everything.
11:40 - Mike Thomas with a nice one handed grab for a TD over Waisome...he's bouncing back from a slow start at beginning of week
11:41 - [Comment From HomerBuckeye] 
- After watching a few practices, does everyone agree with Scott Kennedy that Driskel does everything a little better than Braxton Miller?
11:43 - We'll have rankings meeting on Monday and the QB rankings discussions figures to be the highlight of the meeting. A vague answer, I know, but that's where we're at...
11:48 - Keelin Smith just decleated O'Reilly to spring Pop Saunders for a punt return to the house. Absolutely annihilated him...
11:48 - [Comment From Guest] 
- How has Wittek looked?
11:48 - Wittek has been most consistent quarterback for Team White this week.
11:53 - [Comment From GibbonsGator] 
- who has impressed you guys the most out of saunders, waisome, williams and roberson?
11:54 - Waisome and Saunders have been the best from that group. Waisome has been most consistent and Saunders has been the most explosive, big play guy
11:55 - Mike Bellamy is practicing without shoulder pads today...
12:00 - Miller with a touchdown pass to Fulse in goalline...
12:03 - Wittek threads the needle to Landry for a score. Great throw and great catch.
12:03 - Jamal Turner with a jump ball catch for a TD from Thompson
12:07 - From Bone- Josh Turner with a pass break up against JaJuan Story on a slant route thrown by Frazier. A.C. Leonard has dropped four passes today. All have hit him right in the chest. He has dropped a lot of balls this week
12:07 - From Bone- Robensen Therezie with a pass break up on Story on a quick fade in the endzone by Driskel
12:21 - CB Ryan Henderson isn't practicing for White today because of a tweaked groin.
12:28 - Giorgio Newberry is playing some defensive end today for White.
12:33 - From Simmons- Very impressed with James Vaughters. Very instinctive LB.
12:37 - La'el Collins is fully dressed and out there practicing for White today.
12:54 - That will do it from Day Three practice...

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